What do you get when you combine all the current design trends?  This sophisticated kitchen is the kitchen that everyone wants!  Take a look at this real kitchen transformation in process, and see how an ordinary kitchen can be transformed into this beautiful space that everyone wants to be in, whether it be cooking, baking, family entertaining, or simply sipping a hot cup of tea.

Sophisticated Nostalgia Kitchen in Deer Park

When this suburban family decided to renovate their kitchen, they knew that they wanted a little more space. Advance Design worked together with the homeowner to design a kitchen that would work for a large family who loved to gather regularly and always ended up in the kitchen! So the project began with extending out an exterior wall to accommodate a larger island and more moving-around space between the island and the perimeter cabinetry.

Style was important to the cook, who began collecting accessories and photos of the look she loved for months prior to the project design. She was drawn to the brightness of whites and grays, and the design accentuated this color palette brilliantly with the incorporation of a warm shade of brown woods that originated from a dining room table that was a family favorite.

Classic gray and white cabinetry from Dura Supreme hits the mark creating a perfect balance between bright and subdued. Hints of gray appear in the bead board detail peeking just behind glass doors, and in the application of the handsome floating wood shelves between cabinets. White subway tile is made extra interesting with the application of dark gray grout lines causing it to be a subtle but noticeable detail worthy of attention.

Suede quartz Silestone graces the countertops with a soft matte hint of color that contrasts nicely with the presence of white painted cabinetry finished smartly with the brightness of a milky white farm sink. Old melds nicely with new, as antique bronze accents are sprinkled throughout hardware and fixtures, and work together unassumingly with the sleekness of stainless steel appliances.

The grace and timelessness of this sparkling new kitchen maintains the charm and character of a space that has seen generations past. And now this family will enjoy this new space for many more generations to come in the future with the help of the team at Advance Design Studio.

“We were interested in remodeling our kitchen since the old one lacked space and needed an update.” says Donna, the homeowner. “We felt that incorporating white, ceiling high cabinetry would help give the area a more open feeling. Our designer also had the idea of expanding the room by relocating the exterior wall 4′ back onto our deck. Four feet may not seem like much, but it made a significant difference in the flow of the space. Our new kitchen works great for entertaining and we love the way it turned out!  The Advance Design team did an amazing job…any unforeseen problems were handled quite professionally. We’ve already recommended them to some of our friends.”

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