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Turn your practical spaces into something special.

Laundry room remodel in blue

Custom Specialty Spaces

Unique one-of-a-kind spaces can provide the most value and enjoyment in a renovation project because they can make an otherwise ordinary renovation increasingly customized specifically to family members and how you live.

Specialty spaces like laundry rooms, mudrooms, playrooms, home gyms, craft rooms, home theaters, laundry rooms, and other unique project ideas are often overlooked when planning a home renovation. It takes a talented designer and their outside-of-the-box skill-set to ask the right questions and make design suggestions conveyed via illustrative drawings that challenge your thinking and take advantage of the opportunity to truly change your home for the better.

These specialty spaces are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your everyday hobbies and interests and will prove to be a one-of-a-kind investment. We have worked on a variety of specialty projects ranging from home bars, bunk nooks, secret toy rooms, game rooms, homework stations, wine showcases, home saunas, and more.

As you consider your remodel, think about how your family would like to live, and then share those ideas with your designer who will work to include those ideas in your renovation plans. You may be surprised with what they come up with. Perhaps a home theater and snack bar will make movie nights more memorable, or a designated home office for focused remote working is what you need. Even everyday chores such as pet grooming or laundry can be made functional, with a custom pet station and purposeful laundry layout. No matter the size or concept, our team will bring your vision to life.

We understand the importance of blending beauty and function to seamlessly enhance your everyday life. Let us help you take that specialty space in your renovation to the next level. Elevate the “wow” factor of your home with thoughtfully curated spaces uniquely designed for your home and family.

Our priority is to provide a rewarding remodeling experience, eliminating the hassles of the traditional remodeling process. Using a comprehensive project plan and a fine-tuned financial analysis, our team will be with you at every step. For 30 years, local homeowners have counted on Advance Design Studio to provide superior services. Explore your renovation options today by scheduling your free in-house design consultation with Advance Design Studio.

“The playroom was all our designer. I had wanted just a little playhouse, and she came up with this idea, and it’s just incredible. We use it all the time. The sleepover nook is for my thirteen-year-old, also another idea from our designer. It’s just a place for her to have parties and to entertain as well.”

– Julie Lopez
Past Client / Basement Renovation

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Why Advance Design Studio?

Years ago, we determined that the remodeling industry and its typical processes were not always user-friendly for the homeowner.

After hearing all the reasons homeowners distrusted remodeling contractors, we set out to create a transparent system of planning and processes that clients could appreciate. Working to create a systematic way of producing remodeling projects, Advance Design’s “Common Sense Remodeling” process was born out of our plan to make remodeling stress-free, predictable, and fun.

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