What Is Common Sense Remodeling?

 A Comprehensive Remodeling Process That Makes Sense

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Benefits of Common Sense Remodeling

If you are planning a home renovation and thinking it might be better to have a single entity design, manage, and construct your home renovation – you would be right!

Running around to suppliers, coordinating professionals from all ends of the industry, and trying to tame an out-of-control budget is unfortunately the experience most homeowners endure when planning a remodel. Many people even anticipate dreading the renovation process. Delays due to scheduling conflicts, material availability, last-minute surprise change orders, home projects taking much too long to complete, and even AWOL contractors are among the headaches you have heard about from brave DIY-ers that have gone before you.

An efficient Design-Build system begins first and foremost with having all elements and responsibilities of a home renovation project under one roof. Budgeting, design, purchasing, management, construction, warranty. From start to finish.

And no matter how professional, we know that every renovation project is bound to experience a hitch somewhere along the process. However, we can also reassure you that when the design and renovation process is carefully controlled from start to finish, the issue is always resolved, often before you even know about it.

As your trusted resource, we develop your design within a pre-developed budget, recommend and procure quality materials that fit the budget, and then build the project within the projected scope, timeline, and predetermined financial goals. For a beautiful result and a gratifying remodeling experience.

Sound complicated?
It can be, but we make it easy.

That’s Common Sense Remodeling.


How Do We Do It?

Our Common Sense Remodeling Process.

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1. Envision

We begin with a free consultation at your home with one of our talented designers. In this meeting we get to know you, your goals, and your vision for your project. We’ll explore the existing spaces and talk about potential design solutions together. Then, we’ll invite you to our studio next where we’ll begin finish options and review a defined budget range and options for your project. 

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2. Design Direction

This step is where we transform a broad budget and project scope into specifics. Concept drawings and product selections are made, and then fine-tuned. A walkthrough is performed by your project team which includes your designer, construction manager, and each trade expert who will be part of your project production and build. From the work in this step, a refined project scope and budget allow you to green-light your plan for final steps in preparation for construction

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3. Project Development

Together we help you finalize intricate design elements and costs. Behind the scenes, we meticulously craft and submit detailed construction plans that adhere to your local building codes. This step concludes with a Project Review Meeting, where you receive a comprehensive proposal showcasing every line item and precise cost breakdowns. Approve your final agreement and take a victory lap – congratulations, you’re now onto the Build Phase!

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4. Build Phase

Now, we prepare for construction and build your project. We’ll coordinate job site logistics including deliveries, home preparation and protection, and construction timeline. After construction begins, follow along in our online project portal as we manage demolition, carpentry, trades, and installation. Use our portal to stay in touch with our management team, give feedback and ask questions during the entire construction process.

Our team’s duties at this stage include: 

  • Submitting and overseeing permit application, including all licenses and field inspections
  • Finalization and stamping of all design and installation drawings/specifications
  • Specification and ordering of all project materials and interior products
  • Confirming and receiving, storing, inspecting, and site-delivering all project materials
  • Complete management of all project payables/receivables including loan processing
  • Site set up, protection, debris removal, and daily site expectations
  • Scheduling, coordinating, and oversight of all field activity, subcontractors on the job site
  • Supervision of construction development and quality control
  • Conducting periodic field meetings, and regular communication with the homeowner
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5. Project Closeout & Warranty

Approaching your project’s completion, we’ll collaborate on a Completion Checklist to address outstanding items. We then conduct a Project Closing Meeting and go through your extended warranty, so you can enjoy your new space at ease knowing we’re here when you need us.

You’re also introduced to our Happy Client Rewards Program, where you can receive rewards for referring new clients, which can be used towards future remodeling projects with our team!

We’ll invite you to provide invaluable feedback regarding your project experience, and of course, we are always available and checking in during your project process. Our priority is to continue to ensure your complete positive experience, so you can enjoy your amazingly renewed home and come back again whenever you have a home care or remodeling need.

Remodeling can be complicated, but we make it simple. If our process makes sense to you, then Common Sense Remodeling is the renovation partner for you. Let’s get started!

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