Home Additions

Sometimes the only way to get more space is to go up and out!

Home Additions and Renovations by Advance Design Studio

Home Additions & Renovations

Are you expanding to accommodate a larger kitchen, mudroom, or in-law suite? Maybe you’re looking to open up an expansive family room? Whether you are growing out of your home and need more space for the family or it’s time to get that master suite you’ve always dreamed of, a home addition can transform your home and improve your family’s daily routine. Advance Design Studio can provide the expertise, guidance, and remodeling experience you want in a home addition or a whole-house transformation.

Every home addition construction project begins with an in-depth evaluation of your existing space, what works, what does not, and where we can add space. Determining what is driving an addition is key to developing an initial design direction and beginning to formulate a target budget.

Every addition we design is one-of-a-kind. The key to every successful addition begins with a personalized home analysis starting with design and including every trade specialist tasked with transforming your space. Out of that process, a project plan and a fine-tuned financial analysis will help you make good decisions about what will be included in your home addition.

Our comprehensive “Common Sense Remodeling” process will ensure your renovation will go as smoothly as possible, minimizing remodeling surprises. Our design team will work together with our in-house project management to transition your project from conception to completion.

Our priority is to provide a comprehensive remodeling experience from start to finish, eliminating the hassles of the traditional remodeling process. For 30 years, local homeowners have counted on Advance Design Studio to provide superior remodeling experiences. Explore your renovation options today by scheduling your free in-house evaluation with the designers at Advance Design Studio. And then sit back and enjoy the process as our team of experienced home addition experts gets to work.

Second Floor Home Additions by Advance Design Studio

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Why Advance Design Studio?

Years ago, we determined that the remodeling industry and its typical processes were not always user-friendly for the homeowner.

After hearing all the reasons homeowners distrusted home addition contractors, we set out to create a transparent system of planning and processes that clients could appreciate. Working to create a systematic way of producing remodeling projects, Advance Design’s “Common Sense Remodeling” process was born out of our plan to make remodeling stress-free, predictable, and fun.

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