There are so many elements that go into a bath remodel, and as you choose your material mix and plan layout changes, here are ten simple bathroom upgrades that will take your bath to the next level of luxury without breaking your budget.

1. CUSTOM VANITY STORAGE: Adding pull-out shelving to your bath will keep your vanity organized and functional. The benefit is accessibility – instead of having to reach into your shelving, you can simply pull the shelving out into the open for easy, stress-free access.

2. HEATED FLOORS: Warm floors are a timeless enhancement that will put an end to chilly bathroom floors. Heated flooring provides even, comfortable warmth while being energy efficient. Learn more about radiant heating here.

3. BUILT-IN SHOWER NICHES: Custom shower niches provide a designated space for your shampoos and soaps, so you’ll never have to deal with bulky, cluttered caddy racks in your shower again. A shampoo niche can also add visual appeal to your bath by highlighting the niche with accent tile.

4. TOWEL WARMER: Imagine wrapping up in a warm towel after your shower/bath- it’s like you’re having a spa day, every day! There are multiple benefits to having an electric towel warmer. Your towels will be dried and freshened quickly – no more damp towels or mildew buildup. Towel warmers provide efficient heat while using minimal energy. We recommend Warmly Yours for all your radiant heating needs, as we partner with them on most of our projects.

5. FREESTANDING TUB: Replace your built-in tub with a freestanding tub to add a modern, elegant touch to your space. Going with a freestanding tub will allow more freedom when it comes to placement compared to a built-in tub, and they take up less space than those chunky corner whirlpool tubs.

6. DECORATIVE LINEAR DRAIN: The linear drain is now a staple in luxury showers because of its clean, sleek appearance. Aside from the visual appeal, a linear drain allows for the use of larger tiles and a gentle shower slope.

7. BUILT-IN SHOWER BENCH: If you’re looking to remodel for aging in place, the addition of a bench will add elegant convenience and accessibility to your shower. A built-in bench will create a spa-like atmosphere, enhancing the functionality and visual design of your shower cove. You can have your bench heated as well if you like!

8. SILENT VENT/TIMER FAN: While bathroom fans control moisture and odor levels, they can be noisy and shouldn’t be on all the time. Silent ventilation and timer fans are two upgrades you should consider. You won’t have to worry about leaving your bath fan on with an automatic timer, and silent ventilation will ensure that your relaxation haven isn’t diminished by a loud fan.

9. SHOWER SOUND SYSTEM: The addition of a built-in waterproof speaker system will allow you to listen to your favorite music. Control the playlist and volume from your shower cove! The perfect upgrade for your family members who love singing in the shower.

10. VANITY MIRROR TELEVISION: Add an element of entertainment to your bathroom by adding a television behind your vanity mirror. When turned off, the screen magically disappears from view.

While these are our most requested project upgrades, the list does not end here! Check out our Remodeling Resouce Center to learn more about how to approach your bath remodel.