Have you thought about the layout of your home as you plan your remodel? It’s true that not all successful remodels require major layout changes. We’ve partnered with many homeowners to completely transform spaces with minimal layout changes. Let’s tour a successful kitchen & bath remodel to see how thoughtfully-designed storage and the right material mix can completely transform a space.


There may be several reasons why one would keep the general existing layout of a room when remodeling. Your kitchen or bath may have size constraints that prevent you from expanding a room, you might be wary of what increases your remodel cost, you may want to preserve your floors, or you may just love exactly how your cabinetry and appliance locations function as is. No matter what layout changes you make, we recommend partnering with an experienced team who can help you find a design solution that is hyper functional, beautiful, and within your investment range.


In our recent Gilberts remodel, our clients had recently invested in new flooring for their first floor and wanted to preserve their kitchen floors. This meant the layout of their kitchen needed to remain relatively unchanged in the redesign. If saving or refinishing your existing floors is something you’d like to explore for your remodel, mention this early in the design phase. Your designer can then present options and recommendations based on your remodeling goals.

Keeping the general layout of your floorplan does not mean the organization and flow of your kitchen has to stay the same. By integrating smart storage solutions in this kitchen’s cabinet layout, our designer was able to add storage opportunities without having to make major floorplan changes or additions. Soffits were removed and a statement hood installed, making this kitchen feel taller and larger. Plus, our clients gained storage where the soffits had been!

layout changes - advance design studio

Garbage pull-outs, baking tray organizers, and roll-out drawers are a few of our client’s favorite new storage solutions. If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, we’ve curated a list of our favorite kitchen storage solutions for you.

Other cabinet storage solutions in this kitchen:

Spice Storage

Built-in spice racks keep spices organized and accessible from multiple sides. They can be designed in base, counter-height, or upper cabinets.

Larder Cupboards

We’ve seen clients utilize larder cupboards for baking stations, appliance storage, coffee stations, and craft nooks.

Toe Kick Drawers

Perfect for storage serving dishes and platters, toe kick drawers open with a gentle nudge from your foot and close just as easily.

Including open shelves in a redesign can soften the transition between a kitchen and dining space. Design experts also utilize them to prevent a line of upper cabinets from feeling too uniform or heavy.

kitchen remodel without layout changes


Two larder cupboards now keep the kitchen from feeling cluttered with countertop appliances. The retractable doors keep our clients’ small appliances perfectly accessible without taking up valuable counter space. Our clients used one of the cupboards to create a fully-stocked coffee and tea station.

layout changes kitchen remodel

If you have a spot in your kitchen that feels out of place or underutilized, remodeling is the perfect time to redesign and take advantage of that square footage! For these clients, trading their small kitchen desk cove for additional cabinetry and a beverage station was ideal for them.


Your bathroom deserves all the love, no matter the size. For this remodel, our clients had a more compact master bathroom. Possible layout changes were limited, but this didn’t stop our team from creating a beautiful home haven. If you are remodeling a small space or have a layout that cannot be altered, it’s critical to select materials that optimize your space and serve the function you need.

bath remodel no layout changes advance design studio

Redesigning a small space is the perfect opportunity to play with color, pattern, and contrast. Our clients preferred a neutral palette for their bathroom, packed with pattern and contrast. The new material mix makes this bathroom feel classic and clean. A few bath upgrades were included in the redesign, inlcuding a rain shower, shower bench, heated floors, and a mounted towel warmer. Who doesn’t love spa-like details at home?

By continuing the patterned floor tile into the shower niche, the eye is drawn all the way through the bathroom and feels balanced and intentional. A playful MSI porcelain floor and niche tile was selected for this space, Kenzi Azila. This contrasted well with the black penny tiles and desert gray subway tile in the shower.


Tile Mix

A playful MSI porcelain floor and niche tile was selected for the space, Kenzi Azila. Black penny tiles and desert gray subway tiles were selected for the shower. Your tile mix should generally be a cohesive variety of sizes, patterns, or colors.

Shower & Storage

Many clients exchange their shower-tub combos for an expanded shower. The shower curtain is often replaced with custom glass panels to make the room feel taller and more open.

Hardware & Fixtures

This bath features black hardware, plumbing fixtures, and shower rails. Choosing similar hardware and plumbing finishes is recommended for smaller spaces. 

With the right material mix and minor layout changes, this primary bath is bright, spacious, and beautiful. For more bathroom inspiration, check out our bathroom portfolio.


Whether you are looking at minimal layout changes, or a full layout rework, partner with a design expert to ensure your completed remodel maximizes your square footage and is visually stunning. If you have questions about your remodel, our team would be happy to answer them and help you find the best solution from start to finish.  Learn more about our 5 Step Remodeling Process here.