Thoughtfully designed storage can streamline the flow of your home and help create spaces that are visually stunning inside and out. Here are our top ten smart storage solutions to consider for your kitchen remodel.


1. Pull-Out Drawers

Including roll-out storage drawers in your cabinetry is a highly effective way to add easy-access storage in any space with cabinetry. Let your drawers work for you, no more bending down to reach pots and pans! If you have any corner cabinets wasting space, a retractable lazy suzan makes everything accessible and tucked away when unused. See more of this kitchen here.

kitchen storage upgrades south elgin

2. Larder Cupboards

Modern larder cupboards add unique, customized storage to your home. Create a baking station in your kitchen or a sewing station in your craft room! Leave the retractable doors open for display and close them for an instantly clean look. Our Tower Lakes kitchen remodel features a fun pull-out espresso station within a larder cupboard by Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

Coffee Bar Larder Cupboard

3. Built-In Appliances

Relocate your microwave or other appliances to your island to streamline kitchen flow and break up a wall of appliances. See more of this kitchen here.

kitchens storage upgrades

4. Toe Kick Drawers

For decorative plates and baking trays, toe kick drawers are a great smart storage solution. Simply apply pressure to the drawer face with your foot and the drawer opens and closes with ease.

toe kick kitchen storage

5. Sink Workstation

Galley sink workstations are the perfect way to save counter space and time for everyday routines effectively. Insert options are customized to your needs, making meal prep and cleanup a breeze. Some of our favorite sink workstation accessories include utensil caddies, drying racks, and produce strainers.

Galley Workstation

6. Built-In Spice Organizer

An organized spice rack is tough to achieve and maintain with traditional spinning racks or stands. A vertical pull-out spice rack or custom drawer insert prevents frustration and adds long-term organization to your kitchen.

Home Storage Pull-Out Spice Organizer

7. Mixer Lift

Mixer lifts keep your KitchenAid mixer off the counter while maintaining accessibility. No more struggling to take your mixer in and out of storage anymore! See more of this kitchen here.

kitchen mixer lift

8. Utensil Storage Drawer

Save counter space with a utensil pantry. This concept can be implemented in bathrooms as well with storage drawer organizers for your hairdryer, hot tools, brushes, and hair products.

Home Storage Kitchen Utensil Pantry

9. Kitchen Island

Custom kitchen islands seamlessly blend functional storage and additional seating. They can be designed for any size kitchen and can feature custom millwork, built-in appliances, and kitchenware storage. If you’re thinking of having an accent color in your kitchen, a custom island is a great place to implement color! See more of this kitchen here.

Large Kitchen Island

10. Custom Built-Ins

Custom built-ins double as a unique design moment in your home as well as customized storage for everything a host might need. Kitchens, living rooms, offices, and basements are all great spaces to consider adding built-in storage. Keep dishware, pantry items, and small appliances organized in one space while adding additional character to your home. See more of this kitchen here.

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Our goal at Advance Design is to help you achieve the very best version of your home; one that complements your everyday routines and makes every moment. Whether you’re lounging or hosting, your home should be as efficient and enjoyable as possible. Schedule a complimentary consultation with our team here.