For the fifth year in a row, Advance Design Studio, Ltd. was named to the Qualified Remodeling Top 500 list coming in at number 200. The best of the best in the industry, “QR500” as we call it is unique because it combines companies from all sides of the industry including full-service contractors, kitchen & bath specialists, design-build, general home improvement, and insurance restoration contractors nationwide! As a family-owned small business, this recognition gives our staff additional encouragement in the midst of a season of uncertainty- a testament to our longevity of success.

Honest Reflection

While the methods of communication have varied over the past few months, our “Common Sense Remodeling” practices have remained constant. We are grateful to our clients who have adjusted to virtual meetings and alternative methods of communication during the past few months. The first quarter of 2020 was a record high for us as we began the year. “When the pandemic hit, a number of projects were placed on hold and the uncertainty of what was going to happen next was the hardest part,” says Christine Jurs, owner partner. “We quickly shifted gears to create a remote work environment for our in-office design and admin team.” Field work continued as “essential business” but scheduling permits and inspections became a challenge as villages shut down. There are a few successful strategies that we have embraced as we continue moving forward. Communication with our clients and our team is something we have always prioritized- we just had to adjust to less face to face communication and more remote tool use. We also reassured clients of safe field practices. Thankfully, many clients were able to resume on-hold projects quickly and new projects have continued to move forward throughout the summer. We have been blessed to have understanding clients willing to work together with us to make their projects happen.

Industry Insights

As families anticipate more and more time at home; outdoor spaces like pergolas, decks, and 3 season rooms have exploded. We’ve also noticed a rising need for functional kitchens now that we are all enjoying more meals at home, and a turn toward basements as we enter the cooler season and family entertainment is limited to indoors. Getting your project on our calendar as soon as possible is crucial if you want to have your home ready for family time before chilly weather hits! “Despite whatever ups and downs come our way, our process will always be focused on careful attention to each planning step and in-house production from start to finish,” says Todd Jurs, owner, and founder.