Does your kitchen design need something other than a subway tile backsplash? Do you want to turn your dreary bathroom into a colorful oasis? Encaustic tile is like a painting on the wall, it’s a conversation piece, a “splash of color”; it can be classic, it can be modern, there is really no limit to what you can do with it.


Where Do Encaustic Tiles Come From?

Encaustic tiles were originally all hand made in Europe and first appeared in Catalonia, France in the 1870s. “Encaustic” is an art term for metal enameling with wax, and describes the process used to develop clay tiles into intricate patterns and designs.

This tile is traditionally made from clay, but today, most modern versions of the tile are made using cement and are often referred to simply as cement tile. Cement tiles are formed by hand pouring pigmented cement into decorative molds similar to cookie cutters to separate the colors. When the cement has set enough, the molds are removed, and the tile is compressed. The result is a strikingly unique design.

Regardless of how it is made, the end result of using these beautiful encaustic tiles on a floor or as a kitchen backsplash is an exceptional design with one-of-a-kind character sure to garner attention. These tiles may seem new, but have been used since the 20th century and are found in many landmarks today. Popularity surged in the 1940s in coastal areas such as California and Florida.

Encaustic tile is versatile it is often used in kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls and floors, and 3 season rooms especially the use of bright patterns and colors. But don’t limit its use to these common areas; it can also be used in wainscoting, window frames or in stair risers. It is a great way to add a design element to any space.

Encaustic Tile in Advance Design’s Work

Authentic encaustic tile was used in one of Advance Design’s recent bath renovations, surrounding the mirror wall to wall to create a dramatic and interesting backdrop for the new elegant, furniture-like double sink vanity. The encaustic tile reminded the homeowners of their trip to Europe and they wanted to incorporate it into their design.

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