If you are planning a home remodel and thinking it would be best to partner with a single-source responsibility to design, manage, and construct your project, you may be on to something! Most homeowners are unaware of how complicated, time-consuming, and budget-breaking remodeling can be if handled on their own.

Here’s why choosing a “design then build” team for your home renovation may yield a more successful and enjoyable remodeling experience overall.

Accurate Design & Investment Expectations

In our experience, how deeply a team values the design and investment goals you’ve set can make or break your remodeling experience.

“A standalone designer or architect can put together beautiful designs/renders, but likely will be unable to determine the actual cost to produce the complete renovation. As a design-build team, we work in tandem with the actual field crew that will be producing the projects we design,” says ADS Lead Designer Anna. Designers in our studio are also well positioned to stay ahead of the time-sensitive nature of industry pricing. Anna states, “Material pricing fluctuates often, so we are pricing the materials for our projects daily to keep clients informed of current pricing, promotions, or upcoming increases.”

Working with a design-build firm means you have a design team and field experts working collaboratively to ensure your custom project designs and material selections complement your intended investment range before the project has even started.

“The open line of communication between the design team and field crew allows homeowners to build their budget and understand how each design element translates in their analysis. Our clients can see their redesigned layout and 3D renderings and know exactly what their investment will be before construction begins,” says Anna.

Absolute Project Coordination

Any renovation project, even if only one room, includes numerous crucial steps to reach a satisfying completion. In a recent interview video, ADS client Michelle Dixon vividly illustrates the all-too-common negative outcomes we hear in poor contactor-homeowner partnerships.

“You usually only hear of the headaches people experience when they undertake a major remodeling project. We did not have the time or knowledge to be running around looking for materials or whatever else would be needed. We knew that we needed to contract with a company that could handle all the aspects of the project- from design, through construction, to completion.”

Home Remodeling Elements & Details

Encompassing Elements of Home Remodeling

We hear past stories like this from our new clients all the time. We’ve also had homeowners come to us after managing a previous project on their own because it was too stressful, time-consuming, and forced them to spend more than they budgeted.

Homeowners with these painful past stories all had to learn an important truth in the worst way possible: that remodeling can be complicated and messy. But partnering with one team that is dedicated to successfully completing the entirety of your project will make the process substantially less weighty for you. In some cases, the decision to hire a full-service team is what makes an infeasible project, feasible.

The core of that successful journey is partnering with a team you trust to help you effectively organize and execute all the elements of a remodel, including financial management, design development, material procurement, project management, sub-contractor coordination, and all the details in between.

Design-Build Partnership

ADS Field Members Mike & Jeff with a Project Install Book

A Single-Source Solution if Issues Arise

No matter how professional your remodeling team is, every renovation will experience hitches at some point in the process due to the sheer number of moving pieces within a project. The key is equipping yourself with the right team so that you won’t have to tackle these hiccups on your own. When the entire renovation process is handled under one roof, you have assurance any issues will be resolved. In our experience, a solution is often in place before a homeowner is even burdened with the issue.

“Everyone has seen those HGTV nightmare moments where you open up a wall and discover something the client wasn’t anticipating,” says Anna. “Our turnkey remodeling process includes a project walkthrough before the project even starts. Everyone involved in the project design and production attends, and if we find something we weren’t expecting we can resolve it quickly.”

The ongoing (and likely permanent) impact of supply chain issues, labor shortages, and the related fallout from the height of COVID continue to create an arduous work environment for even the most experienced remodeling teams. In today’s world, it’s not uncommon for materials to suddenly disappear and no longer be available. This is why knowing you have a trusted, experienced team working with you to research, find new products, and re-price labor or materials for your project if necessary is invaluable.

Design-Build Partnership

Completed Kitchen Remodel by ADS

It’s evident in our experience how much easier it is to go through the unknowns of remodeling with a trusted full-service team by your side, rather than with several individual contractors who aren’t in constant communication about the status of your project. This is exactly what our unique Common Sense process is built on and why it has helped projects thrive for decades. 

Remodeling Material Quality & Warranties

Partnering with a renovation team that takes responsibility for all material sourcing and procurement acts as a substantial security feature for homeowners. It means the product used in your remodel will be of the highest quality and from only trusted sources. It also means that you have a team of industry experts advocating on your behalf should any products arrive on site damaged, or if a defect is discovered during the warranty period.

Ready to partner with an experienced, full-service remodeling team for your upcoming renovation? We’re ready to help bring your project to life! Learn more about our unique Common Sense Remodeling process here, then schedule an appointment with one of our talented designers to get started. If you’re currently working with or thinking of working with a turnkey team, click here to learn how to maximize your design-build experience.