Regardless of project size or scope, investing in a home remodel is a big step for many homeowners, and the relationship between a homeowner and their remodeling team can make or break a remodeling experience. Whether you’re planning a remodel or are currently living through one, here are four tips to ensure you get the most out of your design-build experience.

Understand the Process

Every remodel, even if only one room, involves numerous steps with complex schedules, coordination, and decisions. Before you begin selecting materials or knocking down walls, it’s critical to understand the process of the team you partner with. Ask questions early and often to ensure you fully understand the planned phases for your home project, what to expect in those phases, and what may be expected of you in preparation.

It’s important to remember that remodeling is not a perfect science. Every project is unique with its own challenges, but an experienced remodeling team will employ a process that remains generally the same with every project they complete. Moreover, a company with an established, well-regarded process will know how to effectively minimize and overcome any challenges that may arise during your project. If you are currently planning a home remodel, we’ve curated a list of key questions to ask when choosing a remodeling team.

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ADS Material Moodboard

Maintain Honest & Open Communication

Successful remodels happen when communication between a homeowner and their remodeling team is an active, two-way street. From the start of your project’s design through construction completion, consistent communication with your team is crucial.

Focus on the quality and clarity of your check-ins rather than the frequency. Seek to have brief but consistent conversations to cover the latest project updates and any questions together. Nurturing open and honest communication will keep both parties informed through every step of the project and create space to make known any concerns or changes so they can be addressed early.

Working with a design-build firm that completes every aspect of your project in-house means that communication starts and ends with one team. Instead of coordinating bits and pieces of your project with multiple contractors and trades, you have one partner who knows every detail about your project.

At Advance Design, our clients have two main points of contact during the duration of their project: the lead designer and the project manager. Periodic check-ins are planned in advance by your designer and project manager, who also meet regularly behind the scenes to ensure your project has all the support it needs to be successful.

Advance Design Studio Field Crew

ADS Field Crew Members

Remain Flexible & Understanding

Over the past two years, the entire remodeling industry has experienced extreme supply chain delays, labor shortages, and price fluctuations, unlike anything we’ve seen before in over 30 years of business. As you progress through your project, expect material delays and timeline adjustments, as this has become the new normal across every aspect of the remodeling industry nationwide.

An expert remodeling team will inform you of changes to timelines, deliveries, or other project-related updates as soon as they are able. Oftentimes, delays are out of the remodeler’s control and come without notice. It’s important to remember that your remodeling team is your advocate and is on your side. They will do everything possible to minimize delays and resolve any challenges efficiently, and they are just as frustrated (if not more) as you are when delays occur.

ADS Barrington Kitchen Remodel In-Progress

ADS Barrington Kitchen Remodel In-Progress

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ADS Barrington Kitchen Remodel Completed

Trust Your Team

Having complete trust in the process, talent, and integrity of your remodeling team is invaluable. We highly recommend researching real past client experiences of the team you are considering to build trust outside of the conversations you have with the team itself. Instead of looking for a list of perfect experiences, look for evidence of a successful overall process and how the company dealt with any issues.

An experienced design-build firm will have a talented design team and credible field crew, likely with supporting members behind the scenes working unitedly to produce your project. They take pride in creating quality results that you love, so give your remodeling team your trust, patience, and understanding while they work hard to bring your remodel to life. If concerns or questions do arise, share them with your team openly so they can be attended to quickly.

Consider any professional opinions and recommendations shared by your remodeling team in both the design and construction phases, but be sure to share your own thoughts as well. You and your remodeler have the same goal: to achieve a space you and your family love with quality craftsmanship that will last. Stay focused on the end result and trust that the team you carefully chose will be by your side to see your project through from start to finish.

The ADS Remodeling Experience

Our team at Advance Design Studio believes in providing a rewarding remodeling experience that is as enjoyable as possible. If you’ve partnered with us in the past or are currently working with us, we sincerely thank you for trusting our team with your home projects. To learn more about our Common Sense Remodeling process and what working with our team is like, we would love to connect with you! If you’re ready to start your home project and get on our project calendar, schedule an appointment with one of our designers here.