In this series, we will discuss project upgrades that can easily be added to any kitchen renovation. A carefully planned remodel should not only result in a beautiful new space, but it should also be more functional. With all the options available in kitchen design today, it’s well worth your time to work with a qualified kitchen designer to take advantage of all the inserts, gadgets, and conveniences available today. Utilize these often-overlooked project enhancements to take your renovation to the next level. Here are our top 10 kitchen upgrades you don’t want to miss.


Our Top 10 Kitchen Upgrades


1. Roll Out Shelves

No longer will you have to fight to get that stubborn appliance out from the back of the cabinet. Base and Tall cabinets provide lots of storage, but sometimes your pots, pans, and appliances are hard to access. Roll-outs offer customizable and convenient accessibility to the entire cabinet and are a must-have in any kitchen renovation.


2. Spice Drawers

Do you have trouble rifling through unorganized spices haplessly piled in a cabinet or drawer? A dedicated spice storage area is a perfect solution. From door-mounted racks to drawer inserts and hidden pullouts, there is an answer for every space. A dedicated place to store your spice collection will help make cooking much easier.


3. Pull Out Trash & Recycling

Get rid of that unsightly trash can in the corner of your kitchen! Hide your trash and recycling in a pullout cabinet. Placed strategically, clean up, and keeping the whole family in the recycling habit can be a snap.


4. Charging Station

A charging station can clear up much-needed counter space and hide those ugly cables. This modification can be made to almost any drawer. Outlets and USB charging ports are installed in the back wall of the drawer box.


5. Undercabinet Lighting

Let low-voltage LED lighting lead the way to better lighted work areas and aesthetically pleasing lighting popular when entertaining or just a regular night at home. Used in decorative glass door cabinets, turn a regular kitchen or bar area into a “wow” factor your friends will love to talk about.


6. Counter Top Disposer Switch

These safe and convenient switches eliminate the risk of touching an electrical switch with wet hands. They are ideal for garbage disposals particularly for sinks in kitchen islands.


7. Water Filtration System w/Faucet

If you’re upgrading your sink and countertops, you should think about adding a water filtration system conveniently located right on the countertop with its own dedicated faucet. Fresh filtered water has never been easier to access. You can also and instant hot and instant cold systems to make drink prep much quicker.


8. Decorative Doors

Make your cabinets truly standout by choosing decorative door options. This can include glass doors, mullion doors, leaded glass, louver doors, and aluminum door frames.


9. Decorative Metal Inserts

Although glass door cabinets continue to be popular in kitchen design and probably always will be, many homeowners today are opting for decorative mesh inserts in different metals, patterns, and styles. Mesh inserts are a great way of injecting some personality and style into otherwise ordinary designs and can be incorporated in both traditional and contemporary designs.


10. Wood Appliance Panels

Coordinate your kitchen with wood appliance door panels. An excellent alternative to standard appliance finishes of stainless steel, black or white, matching wood panels help appliances blend more seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen design.

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