A dark, brown, and granite-covered bathroom didn’t exactly feel like a trip to the spa. Josh and Morgan of Lakewood, IL knew it was time for a renovation. Morgan, in addition to being a full-time mom, loved interior design and decorating. “(The original bath) was just very brown. I wanted fresh, clean, soft, more elegant touches,” Morgan said.

Ideas kept popping up, but Morgan needed help organizing as well as implementing them. Her friend highly recommended Advance Design Studio who she used for a beautiful first-floor renovation, and when Morgan heard another friend, Jason Johnson, worked as a project manager for the same company she knew who could help with her master bath renovation. “It was the icing on the cake,” Morgan said on working with Jason.

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Original Bath Photos

Designing A Home Spa

Josh and Morgan met with Project Designer Claudia and connected immediately because of Claudia’s calm demeanor and abundance of knowledge. Morgan loved bouncing ideas off her as they worked on the bath design.

“I love hearing other ideas for other people who have a creative mind, I thrive on it. I want to know what they think- it’s just more fun,” Morgan said.

The design process intrigued Morgan and lighting was extremely important. She found polished nickel sconces that set the tone for the design with their fresh and clean look. “I’m a big lighting buff. So I definitely wanted to invest in good lighting,” Morgan said.

She eagerly awaited Claudia’s preliminary designs. Because it was in an awkward space originally, Claudia suggested moving the toilet to the other side of the shower to open up space and let more light in. Morgan hadn’t even considered that a possibility, but once Claudia showed her the 3D illustrations she was sold. The rest of the design process was a fun partnership as Claudia guided Morgan with her expertise and they worked together to finish the design. “It was a lot of fun,” Morgan said.

Bringing the Bath Renovation to Life

With a design in place, the project went into the field. Jason and Advance Design’s carpenters worked quickly and cleanly to complete the master bath remodel. Morgan and Josh appreciated Jason’s communication throughout the project.

“Jason is wonderful. I love that he gives you a timeline and he tries to stick to it and he lets you know how things are going all of the time,” Morgan said.

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“I wanted a spa. I wanted the fanciest hotel bath that I’ve ever been in. That’s the feeling I wanted and that’s what I got,” Morgan said.

The finished product is better than Morgan and Josh ever imagined, as they now have a spa-like space in the comfort of their own home. Morgan’s goal of a fresh, clean vibe was achieved in the master bath vanity with Sea Salt Maple Cabinets from Medallion. These bright white cabinets are also complemented by the Calacatta Quartz countertop with an under-mount sink and stainless-steel Kohler faucet.

Five-Star Master Bath in Lakewood

Hexagon Firenze Carrara Honed tile covers the floor and shower base, adding stunning texture. A large glass shower is lined by 4 x 12” Firenze Carrara Polished tile that matches the flooring. The stainless-steel shower fixtures from Rohl are truly unique. In addition, gold accents in the mirror and pendant light fixture contrast the bright white colors of the tub and walls. It wouldn’t be surprising to see this bathroom in a five-star hotel. The only problem is, who gets the master bath first? “We fight over it,” Morgan said. “Every time we walk in it’s jaw-dropping.”

Overall, Morgan and Josh enjoyed their experience with Advance Design. “We highly recommend them. Every project has its bumps, you can’t have one without, but they made it super easy.”

Now is the perfect time to begin planning the renovation of your master bath! Check out the full portfolio for this bath remodel here. With the “Common Sense Remodeling” approach, the process of renovating your home has never been easier. Contact us today at 847-836-2600 or schedule an appointment.