Our clients in Lake Forest came to Advance Design looking to transform their master bathroom into a relaxing home spa with a full bath remodel. They felt their existing bathroom layout was dysfunctional and ready for an update cosmetically from top to bottom. Like many clients we partner with, they were ready to remove their chunky, built-in whirlpool tub and reconfigure the layout to maximize space and storage.


Ideal Design Solutions

During the design process, ADS Lead Designer Claudia worked with our clients to establish priorities for the bathroom redesign. They were hoping for more storage space, an expanded shower and tub, an enclosed toilet area, and a bright and inviting atmosphere. Claudia took their goals and wishlist items and implemented them into one seamless redesign, which was brought to life by the rest of the Advance Design Studio team.

original layout

In order to expand the shower footprint and reserve room for a tub at the same time, Claudia determined that a wet room would be the best solution for the redesigned layout. The toilet was relocated and enclosed for privacy, and the vanity was relocated to allow for a large wet room.

redesigned layout

The homeowners loved the redesign and 3D renderings of their new space, and were thrilled with the idea of the wet room! After the designs and selections were finalized, the rest of the ADS crew brought this client’s incredible bath remodel to life.

bathroom rendering

Elegant Design Details

Our clients wanted their new space to feel warm, classic, and luxurious. The rest of their home is transitional in style, so Claudia redesigned the bath to emulate this.

“This remodel is a great example of what we’re seeing in bath design trends right now. Bathroom colors are warming up, brass accents are here to stay, and we are seeing the majority of homeowners remove their corner tubs in exchange for an extended (or relocated) shower and freestanding tub,” says Claudia.

bathroom marble tile floor

Patterned Marble Floor Tile

An elegant marble patterned floor tile by MSI was used for both the main floor area and the wet room. By keeping the rest of the material mix on the simpler side, the subtly patterned floor catches your eye as you enter the space and leads you into the wet room.

“The wet room was the best solution for this space, as it allowed for a spacious shower and freestanding tub. We selected brass fixtures and hardware to complement the warm tones of the material mix, the whole space feels so clean and classic,” says Claudia.

Warm-Toned Material Mix

Warm-Toned Material Mix

A double vanity by Medallion Cabinetry was selected in a warm greige finish. The storage tower offers additional storage compared to their previous vanity, and the mirrors were custom-built into the vanity. The combination of the warm-toned vanity and brass hardware prevents the space from ever feeling cold or stark.

Bathroom Vanity with Medallion

Bathroom Vanity with Medallion Cabinetry

There are complicated details of relocating multiple plumbing features in a bath remodel, so partnering with a team who can help you navigate through the design and construction process is an especially smart partnership. Our design team will help you make selections that fit the aesthetic you’re going for- and are logistically feasible for your unique space- while keeping your investment goals in mind.

Brass Vanity Fixture

Brass Vanity Fixture

“It’s important to coordinate tones while you’re choosing material selections, and this is where a designer’s help is invaluable. All the undertones in your space should match, especially if you prefer a more monochromatic look,” says Claudia.

The newly completed bathroom no longer feels cold, dark, and dysfunctional. Instead, it is now a bright, luxurious, relaxing home haven both aesthetically and functionally. See more of this project here. Even Max, our clients’ Bernedoodle, loves spending time in the new space!

We’re ready to help you make the most of your bathroom and give you the home spa you’ve been waiting for. Speak with a designer today to help you break down the steps needed to complete your specific remodel and answer your questions regarding investment ranges, layout ideas, timeframes, and more.

With our “Common Sense Remodeling” approach, the process of renovating your home has never been easier. Call us at 847-836-2600 or schedule an appointment with one of our talented designers to get on our project calendar right now!

  1. ADS Pet Corner: Max

Max the Bernedoodle

Max the Bernedoodle

This week, say hello to Max the Bernedoodle! He is a playful pup who lives with his family in Lake Forest. He did a wonderful job showing off his new bathroom, thank you for allowing us to feature you on the blog Max!

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