We’re seeing more and more homeowners turn to their basements to create specialty spaces that complement and elevate time spent at home. Our clients in Palatine came to Advance Design looking to transform their unfinished basement into a valuable living space for family and friends to enjoy.

Starting From Scratch

The existing basement was completely open and unfinished. Like many raw basements, the family used the space mainly for storage. They were ready to maximize their unfinished square footage and really wanted a standalone living space, beyond basic drywalling and flooring.

basement renovation palatine illinois

Original Unfinished Basement

Advance Design Lead Designer Chris Low worked with our Palatine clients to design their basement and create a cohesive entertainment hub, which was brought to life by the rest of the Advance Design Studio team.

advance design studio design rendering

Basement Rendering

Defining Functional Spaces

During the design process, Chris partnered with our clients to explore how they envisioned using their basement square footage. They didn’t want their basement to feel cold or barren anymore. Their ideal finished basement would allow them to play games, relax, work out, and host family and friends. Chris took their ideal goals and wishlist and implemented them into one seamless design.

The new basement layout included the following purposeful spaces: 

  • A main living space with a fireplace and custom pillar millwork
  • Full kitchen with island storage and seating
  • Game room
  • Full bathroom
  • Workout room with French doors

Basement kitchen design

Kitchen & Island

Moody, Industrial Details

Our clients wanted their space to have a fun, relaxed atmosphere that still felt luxurious. To achieve this, Chris suggested incorporating more moody, industrial design elements to make the basement feel approachable yet elevated.

“One of my favorite aspects of this remodel is the view as you enter the kitchenette/game area. I love the hickory cabinetry- the variation of the wood grain has a gorgeous smoky finish that fits the moody look we were going for,” says Chris.

industrial basement remodel in palatine

Kitchen & Game Area


The full kitchen offers plenty of additional storage and makes this basement a true standalone living space. Game night meal prep and cleanup are a breeze with this basement!

Key features that brought this inviting, industrial atmosphere to life include:

  • Brick accents on the fireplace and kitchen backsplash
  • A painted black ceiling throughout
  • A wood game room accent wall
  • Stained maple beams with custom millwork
  • Dark cabinetry and pipe shelving in the kitchen

basement game room design and build

Accent Game Wall


Knowing the creative potential and possible limitations that come with basement remodels, our designers are able to help clients navigate through the design process to find design solutions that work best for their space. Basement remodels often come with ceiling height limitations and structural beam legs, and Chris took this into account with this basement design.

industrial basement remodel in palatine

Custom Beams & Black Ceiling


“The black ceiling not only adds to the industrial feel but also allowed the height of the original basement ceiling to remain unchanged. This kept the space feeling open and airy,” says Chris. “The structural beams could not easily be moved, so we incorporated them into the design. We love the way they look in the finished space!”

The custom millwork required for the beams was completed by Advance Design Lead Carpenter Jeff.

basement bathroom by Advance Design Studio

Full Basement Bath


The full basement bath features a walk-in shower, vanity storage, black fixtures, and black hexagon floor tiles.  The newly completed basement no longer feels forgotten. Our clients noted that it doesn’t feel like a traditional basement at all to them. Instead, it is now an intentional and inviting extension of their home’s living space. Check out more of this basement remodel here. 

“Your basement has huge amounts of potential to become a functional space people enjoy using rather than existing as barren storage. Investing in a basement remodel means you essentially add an additional level of unique living space to your home, adding value from both a financial and quality-of-life standpoint,” Chris says.

unfinished basement layout

designed basement layout by advance design studio

We’re ready to help you maximize your home’s square footage! Basements can be especially tricky to remodel without the proper planning and execution. Speak with a designer to help you break down the steps needed to complete your specific remodel and answer your questions regarding investment ranges, layout ideas, timeframes, and more.

With our “Common Sense Remodeling” approach, the process of renovating your home has never been easier. Call us at 847-836-2600 or schedule an appointment with one of our talented designers to get on our project calendar.

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