Michelle and Chris were tired of living with the dysfunctional first floor in their West Dundee home. A tiny, centrally located kitchen and small study made their first floor feel cramped, but they were unsure of a solution to make their home more spacious. They were ready for a complete first-floor remodel.

First Impressions

The couple dreamed of a seamless open layout but didn’t know where to start or what the remodeling process would look like. They knew they needed professional help, and Advance Design was already on Michelle’s mind. She had seen Advance Design working on a home in her neighborhood while she took her daily walks a few years prior.

“I was so impressed with the professionalism that I saw, just from across the street. The vehicles, workers, and workspaces that I saw in the garage and on the driveway were so neat, tidy, and professionally dressed. I could not help but be impressed,” Michelle recalled.

The couple contacted Advance Design, and by the end of their first meeting with Lead Designer Claudia they knew they had found the right team to bring their project to life.

Before photos West Dundee Remodel

Getting Started

As first-time remodelers, Chris and Michelle came to Advance Design apprehensive about the scope of work and potential financial investment their first floor remodel required. They knew extensive layout and cosmetic changes throughout the entirety of their first floor were necessary. However, after meeting with Claudia and learning more about Advance Design’s “Common Sense Remodeling” process, these fears were alleviated.

“Prior to this project, we had zero construction experience and had no idea how we were going to make this transformation happen. But ADS came to our rescue. Claudia came in that first time and immediately put our minds at rest with her ideas. From that moment, we knew that we were in good hands and that everything could be accomplished!” Michelle said.

Throughout the design process, Chris and Michelle worked with Claudia to find the design solution that worked best for them. This ultimately included removing multiple walls to completely rework and double the footprint of the kitchen. Multiple storage spaces were also added throughout the redesigned layout.

Original West Dundee Home LayoutRedesigned West Dundee 1st Floor

A Spacious Redesign

“We went for a timeless, classic design to complement the transitional-traditional feel of the home. The existing kitchen was cramped, so our main goal for this first floor remodel was to create an open, seamless layout. We also wanted to expand the kitchen. This project is a great example of what a successful collaboration between a client and their designer looks like,” Claudia said.

Michelle and Chris truly valued the custom investment analysis and detailed drawings they received during the design phase. Advance Design’s 3D renderings enabled the couple to envision their new space and feel completely confident before demolition and construction started.

“All of the visuals that we were provided (drawings, renderings, timeline, etc.) allowed us to literally “see” our project coming together. The investment analysis helped us to know where all of our money was going and helped us to tweak our plans to fit our budget. There were no hidden costs and we knew exactly what we needed to finance our project. Our initial fears were put to rest early in the process for sure,” Michelle said.

3D Rendering Dixon

A Complete Transformation

By the end of the project, no corner of the first floor was left untouched. The first floor is now naturally functional and flows seamlessly. The new kitchen is like a breath of fresh air for Michelle and Chris. The spacious island offers plenty of room for entertaining and additional seating. The kitchen features quartz countertops, Medallion cabinetry, and silver hardware. Green accents throughout the first floor beautifully compliment the wood tones of the home.

Decorative millwork details and glass cabinetry accents make the space feel lighter, softer, and more open. A wall of built-in dining room storage provides additional cookware storage. The buffet and kitchen island display custom millwork details handcrafted by Advance Design’s team.

1st Floor Transformation in West Dundee

Redesigned Kitchen & Buffet

A Uniquely Functional First Floor

The sitting room is now one of Chris and Michelle’s favorite spaces in their home, as it features a stunning home bar with gorgeous gold and green details.

“The bar area was something that came together during the collaborative design process. While it wasn’t one of the initial “wishlist items” for the couple’s first floor remodel, it ended up being one of our favorite spaces. It really is striking!” Claudia said.

The laundry room and powder room were also remodeled to complete the new first floor. Michelle and Chris are thrilled with their first floor remodel and they enjoy sharing their new spaces with friends and family. Click here to see more photos of this stunning project.

“ADS was equipped to handle every part of this renovation from design, through construction, to completion. From beginning to end, our team was professional, creative, patient, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. They exceeded our expectations in every way. For us, there simply was no other choice. It really is Common Sense Remodeling! I can’t wait for our next project!” Michelle said.

Dry Bar in West Dundee Remodel

Sitting Room & Bar