Spaces like living rooms and mudrooms are often overlooked during a remodel, but these spaces are important for functional everyday living. Phil and Melissa of Barrington needed a refresh of both their living room and mudroom remodel. With two children, shoes often piled up near their back door, and living room storage was lacking. They were hoping to mount their television on their fireplace but weren’t sure where to go from there.

Original Spaces

Original Mudroom and Living Room Spaces

Remodeling Solutions

Before choosing a team and starting their remodel, they needed to decide when to renovate and how much longer they could put up with the clutter in their living room and mudroom.

After the uncertainty of 2020 and the additional time we spent in our homes, people are more in tune with their homes than ever before. Phil and Laura needed to solve their clutter problem, and they decided to start the process immediately to maximize their home and create beautiful, functional spaces that would benefit every member of the family.

3D Illustration of Family Room

Living Room 3D Illustration

Style was very important. Getting the TV above the fireplace, and extra storage for ‘stuff.’ They needed shoe storage and organization in the back mudroom for coats, hats, and shoes and mail.

Barrington Living Room and Mudroom Remodel

Redesigned Living Room

Style Meets Function

Phil and Melissa loved the farmhouse, rustic style, and wanted to incorporate reclaimed wood into their spaces. A custom-built mantle with matching open shelves on both sides of the beautiful stone fireplace accomplished just that. With the TV mounted, the space surrounding the fireplace was free for custom white Dura Supreme Crestwood cabinets with Hickory tops, transforming the once cluttered space into a functional, rustic, inviting family room with plenty of storage and room for decorations.

Custom-built white storage lockers from Dura Supreme eliminated the piles of shoes by the backdoor in the mudroom. The boot bench opens up for more storage, while the shiplap walls and brushed bronze hardware add texture and contrast against the dark wood shelves and floor.

The clients were thrilled with how their new space turned out. Not only are guests in awe of the renovations, but their storage problems are a thing of the past.

It is white and bright, with simple lines, but the texture of the shiplap and wood tops/shelves added to the industrial farmhouse charm. Style meets function! See more photos of this remodel here.

Barrington Living Room and Mudroom Remodel

Mudroom Boot Bench and Storage

Don’t forget about your mudroom or family room. Now is the perfect time to begin planning your renovation. Check out more specialty space renovations here. With our “Common Sense Remodeling” approach, the process of renovating your home has never been easier. Contact us today at 847-836-2600 or schedule an appointment.