We partnered with Clint & Brook of Pingree Grove to remodel their full bathroom. Let’s take a look at this stunning transformation!

Historic Farmhouse Bath Remodel

Client Goals:

Preserving the charm of their historic farmhouse was a priority for these clients. They also wanted their new bathroom to feel timeless and classic with updated finishes.

farmhouse bath remodel

Farmhouse Bath Design Direction:

ADS Lead Designer Anna helped them solidify a design solution they instantly loved. Concepts like retro designs, jadeite greens, and penny tiles were all utilized in the early planning stages of this remodel. We see this reflected in the selections of the plumbing fixtures, tile layout, and wall color.

“I was so excited when I learned of their vision to reflect design elements from the early 1900’s. I had so much fun working on this project! It was an absolute pleasure bringing their vision to reality,” says Anna.

farmhouse bath penny floor tile

Client Favorites:

Clint & Brook love their new bath, especially these features:

    • The clean, bright material mix
    • The beautiful shower and niche
    • The B&W penny tile floor design

farmhouse bath remodel cabinetry

A Positive Experience:

Like many Advance Design clients before them, this Pingree Grove family is now enjoying their retro home haven. 

“We loved working with the crew at Advance Design. From design to completion it was a fantastic process,” said Clint & Brook.

milk house ice cream

What’s more fun than remodeling and ice cream? Clint & Brook proudly own The Milk House in Pingree Grove, and our team enjoyed many of their delicious flavors while working on their home remodel! Make sure you stop by their ice cream shop for a refreshing treat!

farmhouse bath rendering

We love how this project came together and would love to help you create a home spa haven too! If you have a project on your to-do list, we would love to help you get started. If you’re gathering research and ideas for your remodel, explore more bath resources here.