There is a lot to think about when planning a remodel. One question that we see often is: What are the benefits of different types of cabinetry? Today, homeowners are looking to improve the functionality, organization, and overall aesthetic of their homes. Most home remodeling plans include new cabinetry, especially for a kitchen or bath. Semi-custom cabinets are beautifully built, customizable, and remain durable for many, many years. Here are our top reasons why we recommend semi-custom cabinets.

Designed & Built for Your Space

The single biggest reason to choose semi-custom cabinets is that it’s the only way to get cabinetry made for your specific space and design. “Stock” cabinets, cabinetry purchased “off the shelf,” or “builder-grade” cabinets are made in 3” increments which may not accommodate your desired layout. If they don’t fit perfectly, the installers must use fillers and scribe molding for the uncovered areas. Coordinating a beautiful design within the limits of 3” increments almost never works in all but the most basic of kitchen designs.

Semi-custom cabinets are built to any size and meet any designer’s requirements. This means every inch in your renovation is maximized. Additionally, the options for cabinet configurations and specialty items are standard in catalogs of semi-custom cabinetry, so it’s easy to get a completely ‘custom’ look to your kitchen without the limitations that typical builder-grade cabinets face.

semi-custom kitchen cabinetry

More Finish & Style Options

One of the most significant advantages of semi-custom cabinets is how personal they can look. There are typically many more options for styles, finishes, and colors available compared to stock cabinets. Do you want raised or recessed panels? Slab or five pieces door fronts? Do you want painted or stained cabinetry, or a combination of both? You get to decide! You can make your renovation genuinely unique.

Working with a skilled designer allows you to coordinate a tasteful and stylish combination that works with your taste and your home. Stock cabinets are alright for a very basic kitchen or even a bath that needs no modifications or special details. To make your kitchen unique, semi-custom cabinets are your best option.

laundry room cabinetry

More Consistent Finish Quality

Quality control is typically better in semi-custom cabinets. Wood lots are kept consistent within orders, and the raw material quality is usually better. Finishing practices in semi-custom cabinetry are hi-tech with 13-step conversion varnish paint and stain finish systems or high-quality pre-catalyzed lacquers. High-quality finishes won’t chip or peel and will last a lifetime if taken care of properly.

Many designers recommend semi-custom cabinets because of their durability and finish quality. Higher quality is worth the wait! There’s more that goes into the finishing process resulting in a finish with depth and character. Customized cabinetry means your new kitchen or bath will be just to your liking.

Better Construction Options

It’s all in the attention to detail. Built-in upgrades come standard with semi-custom cabinetry. This includes dovetail solid wood drawer boxes with full-extension self-closing guides, well-built ¾” panel-wall construction (which safeguards against box twisting), and solid wood front frames. Better quality finishing makes for a longer-lasting cabinet that still looks great ten years after installation. Also, semi-custom cabinets give you the ability to match doors or parts if something becomes damaged years later. Most come with extended warranties, some lasting up to a lifetime.

Semi-custom cabinets give you the ability to create your dream renovation without looking like a cookie-cutter home. Design options are nearly limitless, they have more high-quality finishes, and semi-custom cabinets are simply built better. Make the most out of your custom cabinets by utilizing the talents and skills of a professional designer and hiring an experienced artisan to install them properly.

Looking for more information as you plan your remodel? Explore our Resource Center. If you’re ready to chat with a designer to see if semi-custom cabinetry is the best fit for you and your space, contact us today at 847-836-2600 or schedule an appointment.