Donna & Mike of Lake in the Hills came to Advance Design looking to transform their existing kitchen into a luxurious space to host family and friends. They felt their existing kitchen layout was dysfunctional and felt small and dark, and were ready for a full kitchen remodel.

Lake In the Hills Kitchen Transformation

During the redesign process, the ADS team worked with Mike & Donna to determine their wants and needs for the kitchen redesign. They wanted an oversized island to accommodate guests and reconfigure the layout to maximize space and storage, but they needed help finding the best design solution.

There were two major pain points that needed to be addressed in the redesign: an awkwardly-placed secondary sink and a tall standalone cabinet that felt out of place with the rest of the kitchen.

lake in the hills kitchen remodel

Our clients wanted their new space to feel refined, luxurious, and inviting. The design team took Mike & Donna’s goals and wishlist items and implemented them into one seamless redesign, which was brought to life by the rest of the Advance Design Studio team.

kitchen remodel render

To maximize storage in the kitchen, two interior walls were removed to make room for tall angled cabinets adjacent to the arched kitchen entryway. A side-by-side Sub Zero fridge is built-in to the surrounding storage cabinetry for a cleaner layout and flow than the solo cabinet that was there previously.

lake in the hills kitchen remodel

Functional Design Details

The original sink location was relocated to the new island for centralized meal prep. This made room for a cozy built-in dining nook for two – a much more natural entrance to the kitchen. The new kitchen space feels warm, classic, and luxurious.

kitchen remodel and breakfast nook

Along with a larger island, Mike & Donna liked the idea of a custom range hood to create a focal point as you enter the kitchen. The ADS team partnered with Vogler Metalworks to design a handcrafted metal range hood for the kitchen. The stainless steel hood features blackened stainless rails with seam rivets and detailed crown molding.

custom kitchen range hood

The neutral-toned quartz countertop continues from the perimeter up the walls behind the range hood. Industrial hardware was selected to complement the true brown finish of the Dura Supreme cabinetry. Accent lighting was heavily considered in this remodel. There are three main areas that utilize task lighting: the wall cabinets, open corner shelving, and base cabinets.

kitchen accent task lighting

A Positive Experience

Donna & Mike love their new kitchen and are looking forward to hosting friends and family for dinner parties. They love even the small design details of their kitchen, like the crown molding and decorative cabinetry. We truly enjoyed partnering with them to bring their kitchen to life.

“The entire team is very professional, trustworthy, and efficient at their craft,” said Donna. “They exceeded all my expectations. They were very easy to work with, kept my house clean and safe, and the result was beautiful. I was able to stay in touch 24/7 with their app.”

We’re ready to help you make the most of your kitchen and create the ideal hosting space you’ve been dreaming of. Speak with a designer today to help you break down the steps needed to complete your specific remodel and answer your questions regarding investment ranges, layout ideas, timeframes, and more!