We are excited to share that our Sun-Soaked Tower Lakes Bath Remodel has won a 2023 National Chrysalis Award! This project was designed by our Lead Designer Claudia and Specialty Designer Jackie, and was built by the ADS field crew. Let’s take a tour of this bathroom transformation.

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It is so important to have a space in your home where you can take a moment to relax and unwind. Whether you need time to collect yourself before your day begins or you prefer to end your day with a few moments of tranquility, that opportunity to recharge is invaluable.

Long-time ADS clients Karen and Chad were ready to transform their existing master bathroom into a custom home spa. Our team has had the pleasure of working with Karen and Chad several times over the past few years to renovate their whole home in Tower Lakes.

Tower Lakes Original Bathroom

From Dark to Dreamy

Their existing bathroom felt heavy and outdated. Although the footprint was spacious, the dark tiles and vanity made the space feel colder and uninviting. They needed more storage but weren’t sure how to add it to their existing layout.

Like many homeowners we partner with, they were ready to replace their chunky deck mount tub with something more chic and updated. Karen shared her ideas and Pinterest board with Claudia, and together they found a redesign solution to create the glamorous home spa she and Chad were envisioning.

Steam Shower Rendering

“We focused on creating a light, warm, and inviting feel for the master bathroom. The steam shower is absolutely gorgeous. We relocated the shower bench location to a more functional spot and took the glass from floor to ceiling to make it feel even more open and clean,” says Claudia.

Steam shower and vanity by Advance Design Studio

The steam shower also features a rain shower, a handheld fixture, and a large niche. The dark tiles from the original shower were replaced with a light, neutral-toned tile mix to make the space feel brighter and cleaner.

Additional Design Highlights

As you walk through the space, glamorous details are intentionally placed at every turn. Heated floors are one of the top bath upgrades on our clients’ wishlist, and Karen and Chad are no exception. The Dura Supreme vanity is one of Claudia’s favorite design moments in the space.

“We wanted to give Karen and Chad as much storage as possible in their bathroom. We chose a custom Dura Supreme vanity with a tower and it works beautifully in this space! It doesn’t take away any wall space from the rest of the bathroom, and the antique mirror finish on the tower adds an element of elegance,” says Claudia.

Dura Supreme Double Vanity

Finished with a slight blue-gray hue, the cabinetry is complemented by silver and gold details of the plumbing fixtures, hardware, and accent lighting. One invisible, yet essential, spa element in this space is the heated flooring throughout. 

The freestanding tub is soaked in sunlight during the day beneath the skylight above, and Karen is excited to have a space for a houseplant feature now that the deck mount tub is gone.

Sun-Soaked Tower Lakes Bath

“Sometimes when spaces are larger with a lot of floor space, they naturally feel colder and empty. To prevent this, we recommend adding texture with drapes, wall décor, and small rugs where appropriate,” says Claudia.

Karen styled her wall with a framed piece of hand-painted wallpaper to complement her light fixtures and finish the tub area. The bathroom now feels warm, inviting, and completely relaxing. We’re so excited that this space won a Chrysalis Award! See more of this master bath remodel here.

Original Bathroom Layout

Redesigned Bathroom Layout