For the second consecutive year, Advance Design Studio was named to Qualified Remodeler’s Top 100 List as part of the QR-GuildQuality Customer Satisfaction Report. As a reliable source for national remodeling industry news, Qualified Remodeler produces this annual Customer Satisfaction Report to determine the key service attributes valued by
remodeling customers today.

To determine these key service attributes, Qualified Remodeler partners with GuildQuality and reviews more than 100,000 remodeling customer survey responses from the past year. GuildQuality found that the top service traits consumers look for in a remodeling company are problem resolution, expertise, value, organization, and quality of workmanship. View the complete list of satisfaction drivers as well as project-specific findings in the 2021 QR-GuildQuality Customer Satisfaction Report.

Qualified Remodeler's Top 100 Satisfaction Leaders

Satisfaction Drivers Determined by Qualified Remodeler

“Our entire system has always been designed to focus on the client experience. In an ever-increasing world of conveniences and high demand, we still continue to do everything in our power to make our client’s remodeling experiences the best ones that they can possibly be,” says owner Christine Jurs.

Qualified Remodeler’s Top 100

For the past two years, Qualified Remodeler has curated a Customer Satisfaction Top 100 list. This list highlights the customer service efforts of 100 remodeling companies nationwide. It also accounts for overall experiences and recommendations taken from client surveys. Advance Design was named to Qualified Remodeler’s Top 100 List with a recommendation rate of 100% from customers surveyed by GuildQuality in 2020. Advance Design maintains an all-time recommendation rate of 93% on GuildQuality as well. Further insight into how our team prioritizes customer satisfaction can be found on our QR Top 100 Feature Page.

Qualified Remodeler's Top 100

Project Manager Nick Holm

About Advance Design Studio

Todd Jurs started Advance Builders, Inc. in 1992, performing kitchen and bath renovations, additions, and new home construction throughout Chicago’s Northwest suburbs. In 2002, Todd and his wife Christine combined their talents and launched Advance Design Studio, Ltd, offering a wider variety of design-build remodeling services. As Advance Design Studio approaches its 30th year of serving the Northwest suburbs, client satisfaction remains a priority.

Todd and Christine believe that successful remodeling stems from a thorough upfront planning and execution process. As a result, Advance Design’s clients experience the benefits of the fully integrated “Common Sense Remodeling” process. This process creates a fully customized, predictable, and positive remodeling experience from start to finish, free from the headaches of traditional remodeling.

Qualified Remodeler's Top 100

About GuildQuality

Over 2,500 residential construction professionals rely on GuildQuality’s customer surveying and reporting software to help deliver exceptional customer service. As GuildQuality allows past and current customers to share their remodeling experiences the platform is useful for consumers and remodelers alike. To read more about why our clients enjoy working with our skilled team,
visit our GuildQuality page for hundreds of client testimonials.