Today we’re breaking down the top design trends we’ll see in 2022 and beyond. Let’s get started!

A Focus on Function & Storage

As people have spent more and more time at home over the past two years, we’ve seen an increase in the need for specialty storage for each family we partner with, especially in kitchen remodels. Unique storage features, such as Kitchen-Aid mixer lift shelves, pull out trash cans, and tray bases are no longer “bonus features” but instead necessities.

“People are realizing they don’t have to angrily dig through their cabinets to find the one pan or measuring cup they need – there are smart storage solutions that make everyday life so much easier!” said Lead Designer Anna.




Hidden pantries and larder cabinets are two storage trends that we will see more of in 2022. Both offer hidden storage and look attractive in design. Our Tower Lakes 1st Floor Remodel features two fabulous larder storage cabinets, one a baking station and the other a coffee bar.

Kitchen islands are another element consistently at the top of our clients’ wishlist. “One attractive element of a spacious kitchen island is the additional seating provided. Island seating maximizes square footage by combining elements of storage with traditional formal dining rooms or breakfast nooks. Everyone tends to gather around the kitchen island, and it’s a design element that most people hope to add if square footage allows for it,” said Lead Designer Ewa.




Increasing Color & Pattern

During the pandemic, color resonated with people in two different ways. Some implemented bright, uplifting colors to bring life into their home. Others immersed themselves in soothing neutrals to create comforting spaces. Both of these trends will continue this year, with an even greater focus on pastels and natural hues. Tile, cabinetry, and hardware are three design elements where color and pattern can be incorporated to enhance your space.

“Two-toned cabinetry is a great way to add personality and color to a kitchen, whether the second color is bold or more neutral. This trend grew in popularity last year and will only continue this year with base cabinetry and islands,” said Lead Designer Chris.

Elements of mid-century modern design style also gained popularity last year and will continue in 2022. The mid-century modern style is known for bold designs, colors, and textures. Black and gold accents are often featured, especially in a matte finish.

“We’ll continue to see mid-century modern elements, especially in bathrooms,” said Anna. “We’re seeing more pattern and color on our bathroom selection boards, and more black and brass accents in fixtures, mirrors, and lighting. I’m excited to encourage homeowners to not be afraid of pattern and color as we step into the new year.”





Bringing Nature Indoors

Natural elements and neutral tones that bring nature indoors started to trend last year and have grown into a current design staple. Green hues were chosen by multiple paint companies as the 2022 Color of The Year, including Benjamin Moore’s October Mist and Sherwin Williams’ Evergreen Fog.

“We’re seeing a lot of color from our cabinetry partners as well as in tile. We will likely see an increase of greens on cabinetry and tile paired with more natural stains and wood grain textures- such as white oak- to create a softer contrast when color is implemented,” said Lead Designer Claudia.

These earthy, living, natural tones provide a sense of grounding comfort, which is something that remains important for the majority of homeowners today. When the world around us feels uncertain or out of control, we naturally look inward to find peace and safety in our homes.

Green tile bath remodel Advance Design Studio

Woodstock bath remodel featuring green tile and neutral accents.

Custom Specialty Spaces

Specialty spaces like speakeasy-themed basements, multifunctional spaces, and custom desk workstations will continue to grow in popularity. As people have spent extended time at home, the idea of a “one size fits all” home is no longer functional. Homeowners desire personalized spaces to make everyday home life more enjoyable, and we are excited to see the unique ideas our clients bring to us this year!

“Basements are awesome opportunities to create additional, unique specialty spaces. It’s a clean slate to incorporate a variety of spaces. There is a lot of creative freedom for both homeowners and designers with basement remodels, and I’m excited to work on more specialty spaces and basements this year,” said Chris.

Many people are still working from home, and having a dedicated office or learning center for kids are two spaces we’re seeing more of. Home addition projects will only increase in popularity as homeowners look to invest in long-term, intentional, one-of-a-kind spaces.




We’ll continue to take a closer look at each of these remodeling trends and how to implement them in your remodel as the year continues, but for now we encourage you to keep an eye out for these trends! Whether you’re shopping for a new wardrobe, refreshing your home décor, or dining at a local restaurant, you’ll likely see evidence of these trends in everyday life.

Do you have a home project on your 2022 to-do list? It’s time to bring your vision to life! Schedule a consultation with one of our lead designers to get on our project calendar.