A unique basement renovation is extremely challenging to design. Jamie and Evelyn of Barrington knew they needed someone with experience to help them. They had this beautiful, unused basement just waiting to be turned into something spectacular. After pouring through photos, they had ideas in their heads, materials, and colors that they gravitated to but they struggled to put it all together. They wanted a team that could design and build their space as one team, a single-source responsibility.


A Little Help Along the Way

“We wanted the advantage of a designer because we wanted to do something unique and different down here,” Jamie said. “We knew what we wanted to do, but we felt like we needed a little help along the way.”

That’s when they began looking for a full-service, design-to-build remodeling company. They met with two companies who were not very receptive to their ideas, showing them what they thought they should do rather than what Jamie and Evelyn wanted to do. Growing frustrated with the search, when picking up their daughter from a sleepover Jamie received a recommendation from the parents after he toured their amazing basement, which had recently been completed by Advance Design Studio.

The ADS team came out to their home in Barrington and simply let the couple share what they wanted.

“We think we know what’s nice and good, but we are not designers,” Jamie said.

After the initial meeting, the team designed a basement that exemplified Jamie and Evelyn. We worked to include all of their ideas into a sweeping space that they fell in love with. The next step was a meeting at Advance Design’s studio in Gilberts, where the couple reviewed their custom 3D illustrations that brought Jamie and Evelyn’s imaginations into reality. It was like taking a virtual tour through the finished space.

“She incorporated everything that we had said into that first mockup (3D Illustration), so we could tell there wasn’t that much that we had to tweak afterward,” Evelyn said.

“We were able to see the finished product and we were pretty much convinced right then and there,” Jamie added.

Into the Field

With only a few minor adjustments to make, the design was finalized. Once the design was completed, it was time to begin construction. Advance Design’s “Common Sense Remodeling” step-by-step process allowed Jamie & Evelyn to know exactly what to expect at each phase of the project. It keeps them up-to-date and informed but also provides flexibility in case of an unexpected delay.

“I wanted to do business with someone we could trust, and it was a great experience,” Jamie said.

A Unique Basement Renovation

Simply put, the finished basement is spectacularly unique. It fits both of Jamie and Evelyn’s styles and personalities while making guest’s jaws drop as they walk down the stairs for the first time. An open concept, the basement consists of a few key areas: the billiards area, the sitting area with a hidden room, the gym/sauna, the home theater, the wet bar, and a full bath.

Tucked Away

A warm sitting area lies adjacent to the billiards table for the guest to wait for their turn to play or to cozy up and enjoy a good book. Hints of blue dance throughout the expanse of the space from the painted doors to the rich blue cabinetry in the wet bar and the basement bath.

An elegant useful bookshelf built into a stacked stone alcove contains a secret. The sump pump/mechanical room is tucked away, invisible to onlookers until the secret door is opened. This ingenious design adds to the whimsical personality of the space and also a measure of functionality that every basement renovation requires.

No Gym Membership Needed

One of the first things that Jamie knew he wanted in his unique basement renovation was a home gym, a place where he could work out and relax in the comfort of his own home. We kept this in mind when designing the basement, the results were a modern gym that most professional establishments would be jealous of.

The stained concrete walls are the perfect complement to floor-to-ceiling mirrors that give the space visual depth and interest. A built-in sauna is an ideal remedy for a long workout. The top-of-the-line equipment and ease of use make this home gym one that friends will envy.

“Advance Design exceeded in the outcome,” Evelyn said. “We had the original idea and thought it would look good, but the project looked better than we imagined.”

After a tough workout and sauna, there is no need to walk far to find a comfortable, soothing shower. A full bath was added to the basement for just this purpose.

This cutting edge bath design would be rivaled by any stylish establishment bath. The relaxing retreat features a dual-head shower, a pebble tile floor like you are washing in a private stream, marble-looking porcelain tile and a wood looking backdrop, marrying elegant and rustic skillfully in the most pleasing outcome.

The floating vanity is painted Dura Supreme cabinets in Jasper blue matching blue shades throughout the basement, while the white quartz countertop and large mirror encourage you to spend more time in this cozy hideaway.

Theater and a Wet Bar

Better than any neighborhood bar, the slick-looking industrial wet bar contains everything you need for entertaining. A chrome Kohler faucet, a smart beverage cooler, and a built-in microwave complete the wall. The attention-grabbing pipe open shelves are perfect for holding drinks, glasses, and snacks while still stopping guests in their tracks forcing them to say “We need those in our house.”

Painted Dura Supreme Crestwood cabinetry in Jasper blue invite guest over for a drink or a snack. The Calcatta Laza quartz countertops tucked up against the rustic driftwood backsplash add additional texture to the surrounding room.

The movie theater area features a wall-mounted TV and opens to the rest of the space with custom leather reclining theater seating designed to fit the whole family.

Their experience with Advance Design Studio has them thinking about more ways to improve their home. “We have a lot of projects and definitely we will be doing them with Advance Design,” Jamie said. “We have been very happy with our basement.”

Fast Forward

After their basement remodel, our team partnered with Jamie & Evelyn again to complete a 3-story addition, elevator, and whole home remodel. Check it out below!