When you plan a remodel, there are many options to consider – including financing options. Utilizing financing options for a renovation prevents having to redeem savings or investments. As you narrow your project scope and selections, the total renovation investment may start to push beyond where you originally thought you would be. This is where project financing comes in handy.

There are many project details and upgrades that cannot be added later down the road after construction. As a turnkey remodeling team, we partner with GreenSky to offer project financing for ADS clients to cover the “gap” to allow them to get all the project features they desire instead of having to cut elements out of the renovation.

Financing with GreenSky

An unsecured loan may be the best fit for your next remodel. Unsecured financing does not require homeowners to tap into their home equity, as funds are not secured against any assets or collateral. Borrowers qualify simply with income and credit scores for funding anywhere from $10,000 up to $100,000. The process is simple, as pre-qualification can be done quickly online with an approved credit limit in minutes.

Remodel Financing with GreenSky

Greensky’s loan programs are specifically designed with our clients’ renovation plans in mind. They specialize in this type of application, making the process easy and convenient for both homeowners and contractors. For those who qualify, amounts up to a certain limit don’t even require income verification. With no pre-payment penalty, this financing option provides extreme flexibility but also offers a fixed APR and payment schedule for the predefined term.

Advance Design Studio Bath Remodel

Tower Lakes Bath Remodel

Please reach out to our team for help with the application and for more information about GreenSky’s process. Our designers can help you get instant approval so you can continue getting all the elements that you desire on your renovation project. Terms and conditions do apply, so be sure to check with your Advance Design Studio representative for details.

At Advance Design, we want our clients to achieve their renovation goals completely and benefit from the investment they make into their homes. Take the first step in elevating your home by sharing your vision with the Advance Design Studio team. Call us at 847-836-2600 or schedule an appointment to chat with a designer about your renovation.