The first meeting with a designer marks the beginning of your remodeling journey. It’s the perfect opportunity to get to know our team and process, as well as evaluate if our team is the right fit to bring your remodeling vision to life. Here are some helpful insights to consider for a successful first Design/Build meeting.

Come Prepared

Take time to compile a list of must-haves for your redesigned space. Keeping this list general will leave room for creative collaboration between you and the designer. Design details will eventually be developed but beginning with a general list will help keep the conversation focused on what matters most. If you have ideas for a unique feature or specialty space, be sure to mention them to your designer. Our team specializes in bringing custom spaces to life!

“It’s also helpful when a client shares what they like and dislike about their existing space in the first meeting,” says Lead Designer Anna. “Having those priorities will guarantee the design starts in the right direction.”

Sending existing photos of your space will help the designer prepare similar project examples and design insight. Providing inspiration photos is also recommended. If you have a Houzz or Pinterest inspiration board, share it with your designer! This will help them establish trends in your design interest early in the process.

Pinterest Design Inspiration

Don’t be discouraged if you are unsure of layout changes or finishes, our design team is well-equipped to help you through the design and material selection process.

“Everyone has design preferences, whether they realize it or not. Even if a homeowner cannot pinpoint exactly what they like about an image, a good designer will be able to pick up on the smallest of details to establish their style preferences,” Anna says.

Questions related to project timeframe, process, and investment goals are great to discuss during the first meeting. For larger projects or when moving structural elements, it will be determined if architectural or engineering drawings will be required. If necessary, Advance will prepare them as part of the design process and manage them during the permitting process.

First Meeting Expectations

In the first consultation, the designer will share information about themselves as well as walk through Advance Design’s “Common Sense Remodeling” process. Your overall project vision, including must-haves and project inspiration, will be thoroughly discussed. The designer will provide some helpful resources including a referral list, financing options, relevant past project examples, and more.

Functional design is a reflection of the homeowner’s lifestyle. A designer may ask questions like how often you entertain, what your routine is like, who will be using the new space, and how you envision utilizing it. The first meeting takes between 45 minutes- 1-1/2 hours but varies depending on project scope.

General measurements or photos are taken depending on how you plan to move forward. The designer typically shares general ballpark estimates based on projects we have completed that are similar in size and scope.

Designer Meeting

Next Steps

As the meeting wraps up, the designer will walk through clear next steps to move your project forward. We recommend setting a date to review your preliminary design and investment analysis once it’s complete.

“Budget is discussed early and often throughout our process at Advance Design, as design and budget go hand in hand. Balancing your vision and investment goals requires honest and open communication between a client and their designer,” says Nicole.

Each project is unique in scope and design. Custom investment ranges are prepared and revised as you work through the design process. Once a solid design direction is established, a site walk-through is completed by the designer, construction project manager, and each expert trade. This step assures that final figures presented are accurate and reliable for the project start.

Design Renderings

 Our Process

At Advance Design, we understand the apprehension that homeowners experience when trying to figure out who to trust and where to start. Through our step-by-step process, we work to provide a transparent experience and make remodeling as enjoyable as possible for our clients. This is evident from the first meeting through construction completion. We will be with you from start to finish to complete your remodel.

Our award-winning design team would love to partner with you and bring your remodeling vision to life. With our “Common Sense Remodeling” approach, the process of renovating your home has never been easier. Contact us today at 847-836-2600 or schedule an appointment.