If you feel the pain of an outdated bath each time you walk into your bathroom, it’s time to renovate. Bathroom renovations can vary in complexity, but there are a few elements in every bath that should be considered when renovating. Whether you are looking to renovate your small half-bath or are considering a spacious master, every bath space has potential. Here are 5 features that make up a bath a much-needed facelift.

1. Shower & Tub Space: Your shower or bath space should provide a feeling of relaxation – replace your cramped tub to give your bathroom a spa element. If you want to create a niche designed for relaxation, consider a bath cove. Open showers take your bath to the next level- they create a visually spacious room with a luxurious look but beware they can be “cold” since you cannot contain steam from the shower. Heavy glass panels can replace traditional shower curtains to make your bath feel lighter and less cramped.

2. Tile: Replace outdated tile to give your floors a fresh personality. Clean, updated flooring will brighten the entire room. If you’re searching for pattern with personality, explore encaustic tile! Encaustic tile can be subtle or bold, and the change will add purpose and life to otherwise ordinary bath floors.

Keep your shower tile and grout clean by installing a timer bath fan. Neutral tones will provide a timeless elegance, but don’t be afraid to integrate your own personality with bold color or pattern to define your shower cove. Make sure you don’t forget to include shower shelving and benches, features that make that new shower much more functional.

3. Vanity: Light or medium-toned wood is taking center stage in new bath designs. Functional built-in storage is a must-have when updating your vanity, reflecting your personal needs.

There are many unique bath storage possibilities, including open storage shelving, built-in beauty tool drawers, and towel coves. If you want to go one step further, floating vanities provide a modern, airy design solution while maintaining storage space. Finish your vanity with light or neutral quartz or marble for a visually light and clean feel.

4. Hardware: Use your bath hardware to compliment the personality of your bath, we like to call it “the jewelry of the room.” Consider towel bars, faucets, and vanity hardware in polished chrome, brushed nickel or brass, and matte black. And don’t be afraid to mix and match! Get the help of a talented designer if you’re uncertain, they’ll help make sure the end result works with the entire space!

5. Lighting & Mirrors: Replace Hollywood-style lighting with sconces or in-mirror lighting. Keep your lighting simple and linear, and complementary to your hardware. Bath lighting should not feel heavy or take away from the main features of your bath. Along with lighting, your mirror may need to be updated as well. An updated mirror can transform an entire room bringing more reflective light into the space.

These are just 5 features of a bath renovation, with so many choices available to transform your space, it’s difficult to know where to start! Enlist the help of a talented designer to pull together all of these elements for a result that is a soothing new oasis where you can prepare for your day or relax in comfort. Carefully planned selections in each of these bath features can completely transform how you live and can brighten your outlook on the day.