A new year brings new trends to keep an eye out for, and our designers have expert insight into past, present, and future trends. From storage solutions and layout tips to color pairings and textures, we are excited to share our 2023 design trends list to keep an eye out for this year and beyond.

Colorful Accents

We’ve seen bright whites and light grays dominate the trend list for years now, but we’re starting to move away from them in 2023 in exchange for colorful accents, moody hues, and warm whites. Homeowners aren’t afraid of color, and our designers are excited to continue playing with color in their material mixes.

“Color is definitely making its way back into our homes, whether it be through tile, wallpaper, decor, or cabinetry. Feature walls are an effective way to invite texture, color, or pattern into your home. This isn’t to say that neutrals are going away, we’re just seeing more contrast and variety added to material mixes compared to a monochromatic look,” says ADS Lead Designer Chris.

We saw our first glimpse of warmer neutrals with the Sherwin Williams 2023 Color of the Year, Redend Point. Benjamin Moore’s 2023 Color, Raspberry Blush, encourages bold applications of color.

2023 interior design trends

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Moody interiors are trending as well. Think black, brown, or dark gray cabinetry paired with metallic finishes, natural wood tones, or darker paint. Veined backsplashes and countertops continue to spark visual interest in kitchens. 

Black and gold cabinetry

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In bath remodels, we’re starting to see more color integrated as well. Shades of green, blue, pink, or orange tiles are a trendy choice if you’re looking to add color to your bath. Keep a look out for dynamic shapes and patterns in both tile design and installation. If you’ve been itching to add color to your home, now is definitely the time!

Metal Accents

“I absolutely love when we incorporate brass into a remodel, whether it be through cabinet hardware or plumbing fixtures. It can add a beautiful sense of old-world charm to a space. We’re also utilizing brass in our exterior remodels as well. Instead of getting rid of existing brass exterior door hardware, paint your door black or dark gray while keeping those brass accents. Updated, cost-effective curb appeal achieved!” says ADS Lead Designer Anna.

If you are considering changing your faucets, hardware, light fixtures, or shower fixtures, brushed gold finishes can achieve a glamorous, vintage-inspired look. 

2023 bath remodeling trends

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If you prefer a matte black or glossy silver finish, both are classic. Mixing metal finishes can look stunning as well when done correctly. ADS Lead Designer Claudia has worked with many of her clients to successfully feature mixed metals in redesigned spaces.

“Don’t be afraid to mix metals if you’re drawn to that look,” she says, “The key is to match warmer and cooler undertones of your metals together. For example, chrome finishes often pair well with a cooler gold, while warm brass pairs well with black finishes.”

2023 remodeling trends Advance Design Studio

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Hidden Storage Solutions

We’ve seen an increase in the need for specialty storage for each family we partner with, especially in kitchen remodels. Homeowners are realizing that smart storage solutions belong on their must-have list to make everyday life more organized and enjoyable. Some of our designers’ favorite smart storage solutions include full-extension interior pull-out drawers, larder cupboards, spice racks, and hidden rooms with murphy door entrances. View more home storage inspiration here. 

2023 kitchen remodeling trends

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“Over the past two years, we’ve seen homeowners really prioritize smart storage. People are tired of getting frustrated digging through their drawers for that one measuring cup or pan,” Anna says. “I definitely recommend investing in drawer storage upgrades wherever you can! There are so many options available.”

Natural Wood Tones & Textures

Neutral wood tones reflect the ongoing trend of bringing natural elements indoors. The raw, natural look of wood adds an element of sophisticated warmth to any room. 

Natural wood tones kitchen remodeling

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We all want to feel comfort and security at home, but we’re moving away from stark whites and light grays to help achieve this. This year we’ll see warmer whites and a variety of natural wood tones and grains in kitchens, baths, and built-ins for a cozy, classic feel that can be paired with a variety of neutral or colorful accents. 

2023 remodeling trends

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Functional Laundry Rooms, Mudrooms, & Basements

The heightened focus on redesigning spaces that make everyday life easier and more enjoyable for each unique family is a dominating trend that began late in 2020 and isn’t phasing out anytime soon. Every inch of your home matters. 

2023 laundry room trends

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This year, we’ll see homeowners include thoughtfully designed mudrooms, laundry rooms, and butler’s pantries in their larger remodeling plans to make even mundane moments more glamorous.

“There’s something special about laundry and mudrooms that I find especially fun. Those spaces aren’t usually ones you expect to show off to friends and family, but remodeling with a pop of color, fun tile, or funky texture into a laundry room makes those otherwise forgotten spaces worthy of showing off!” says Anna.

Advance Design laundry room remodel

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In addition to these smaller specialty spaces, elevated basement spaces are the best way to maximize your home’s square footage. Thinking about adding a personalized space like a home theater, speakeasy, gym, or secondary kitchen to your basement? We’re your team! 

“Over the past few years, our team has completed more multifunctional basement spaces than ever before. Utilizing your raw basement spaces is the perfect way to add unique personality to your home. There is a lot of creative freedom with specialty spaces, and I’m excited to continue helping local homeowners realize the potential within their homes,” said Chris.

Mixed Era Décor

If you’re looking to switch up your décor, try mixing eras! Mixing old and new décor to curate a cozy, chic homescape is an easy trend to personalize with your style. The idea of a high/low home includes a variation of luxury décor and vintage pieces to celebrate design throughout the ages. Home décor trends are overall transitioning away from minimalism, and we are starting to see a renewed reverence for more decorative styles, though not necessarily maximalist.

Try adding more patterns, brighter colors, or a bit of symmetry to your décor. Area rugs, pillows, and vases are easy to switch out with the seasons. A bold couch, patterned wallpaper, or accent walls/beams are more permanent ideas. Check out our 2023 Trends Pinterest Board for more inspiration as you plan your next project.

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We’ll continue to take a closer look at each of these remodeling trends and how to implement them in your remodel as the year continues.

Ready to bring one of these trends to life in your home? It’s time to get on our project calendar! Schedule a consultation with one of our lead designers to chat through your plans and move forward.