Why You Should Never Remodel in a Box

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Local Remodeling Company in Gilberts

So last week I found myself sitting next to a woman I’d never met at a local networking event. After my turn had passed and I shared with the group how my husband and I run our 17 person Design Build Remodeling Company, she looked at me and asked, “Why would it be better to hire you to remodel my kitchen, rather than hire ______ _____ (rhymes with Dome Repo)?” Let’s face it; remodeling horror stories are everywhere and it’s no surprise that homeowners are leery.

Be Careful Where You Eat

Kitchen Remodeling in HuntleyIt was a legitimate question that I’ve no doubt been asked many times. Everyone knows when traveling that it’s usually “safe” to find a well-known chain restaurant to eat at if you want a predictable meal. I remember many years ago when traveling to Bangkok Thailand for work, all I wanted was to find a golden arches because I couldn’t read any food labels at the small grocery Bathroom Remodeling in Huntleystore I stopped in, and I was scared to eat the street food because of the stories I heard about the unclean conditions (ultimately I did get sick on that trip!).

But when it comes to remodeling, the familiarity of the big “box” is definitely not the right answer. Just ask anyone who’s tried to do a renovation project there and you’ll no doubt get an earful. Later on that business trip my boss took me to a fantastic local restaurant and we had an amazing authentic Thai meal. My point is when it comes to finding the perfect remodeling company for you, it’s kind of like great local food; you just have to know where to find it.


Why Hire a Company Like Advance Design?

There’s a number of convincing reasons to look for a local small business remodeler, whether you’re contemplating a kitchen or bath renovation, or a larger project requiring more expertise and coordination. The key is to know what to look for and to fully understand the benefits to you when you make a choice that is the right fit.

Small Remodeling Company in Huntley

The 28 million small businesses in this country employ 57 percent of private sector employees. By hiring a small business, you are supporting the American Dream, which is the basis of what this country was founded upon. Small businesses create more jobs for local workers than large companies; which in turn supports the local economy. They produce 50 percent of the non-farm gross domestic product in the U.S. each year!


Direct Benefits to You

These reasons are all nice and will certainly make you feel patriotic every 4th of July, but there are additional directly beneficial High Quality Laundry Room in Huntleyreasons why it makes good sense to avoid “The Box” when renovating your home. Remodeling companies are typically owned and operated by families; your neighbors, your friends. Most of them are not wealthy. They’re motivated by a personal desire to live out their God-given talents, they want to help people, and of course your business gives them the ability to support their families and surrounding community. In turn, what you get is a highly motivated business owner, leading a highly motivated team (who are usually made up of the same type of local people), producing a high quality product and experience that their reputation depends upon.


Top Remodeling Company in Huntley

You Won’t Get That from a Box Store

People like us have every reason to make sure we bend over backwards to do our humanly best to please you, to produce something lasting and beautiful, and to create an experience you will rave about to your friends and family. Because not only is that who we are, but our future business depends on it. The “Big Box” shareholders won’t suffer for your bad experience. Business like ours don’t have multi-million dollar advertising budgets to plaster our name and catch phrase across TV ads and billboards. YOU are our advertising; your beautiful home and your word-of-mouth experience!


Do Your Due Diligence!

Obviously in order to get an experience like that, you still must do your due diligence. I spoke with a man the other day who told me he got taken for six figures by an unscrupulous remodeler, and although I don’t understand how anyone could do that, I guess it’s still out there. So it’s important to do your homework. Look for someone who has a great reputation. Gauge how they make you feel; trust your instinct. Talk to their clients and look for a long history of successful projects. Make sure their company has the capacity to do the job at hand. Beware of the low price. And most of all- evaluate their process to help you work through your ideas, balance your budget, and flesh out your dream.


Move Forward!Great Customer experience in Huntley

When you find the right company, commit fully to them and they’ll give you 110%. Appreciate the hard work that they do, and their people will kill themselves to please you. A potential client once asked us “What do you look for in a client?” Our honest answer; someone who chooses us wholeheartedly after a fair evaluation, and then places their trust in us to do our job. Why should I do that, you say? Because when you do, you’ll get more than a beautiful renovation, you’ll get a beautiful experience.


Advance Design Studio is a family owned company driven by husband and wife American Dreamers working a life-long plan to make remodeling (which they love!) predictable, creative, affordable, fun, and rewarding. Visit with our team and you’ll see what it means to work with passionate people who care about your dream!




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