Why Leadership Matters in your next Renovation

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Leadership Conference in Barrington

On August 11th and 12th, nine leaders from Advance Design Studio attended the 20th Global Leadership Summit at Willow Creek Community Church.


Global Leadership Summit in BarringtonThe Global Leadership Summit is a two day event telecast LIVE in HD from Willow’s South Barrington campus every August to hundreds of locations in North America. 305,000 people in attendance commit to getting better as leaders. Throughout the fall, Summit events take place at an additional 675+ sites in 125 countries and 59 languages.

Presented with inspiring ideas from two days of world class business leaders, pastors, and various leadership experts, attendees are given a range of opportunities to sharpen skills, grow themselves, and learn how to develop those they lead. The Summit is a proven tool that produces compelling outcomes for the leaders and aspiring leaders who attend.


Willow Creek Community Church leadership conference in Barrington


Among the fantastic line up of speakers which this year included greats like leadership expert John Maxwell, bestselling author Patrick Lencioni, and the Ritz Carlton’s Horst Schulze, was Alan Mulally – President and CEO of the Ford Motor Company who reported this sad statistic; “Only 42% of employees have a positive feel about the companies they work for, the rest are just working for a paycheck”.



Home Remodeling Owners


Determined to make this number 100% at their home base, Advance Design Studio owners Todd and Christine Jurs have always promoted the value of leadership training at the very highest level for all of their team. For the past 15 years, the Advance Design team has held weekly meetings with their core leadership team to discuss projects in progress, review client concerns from the week, and to learn new skills. The entire team meets monthly beginning with a company dinner, and concludes with an evening of training, company updates, and the sharing of ideas between team members.



Home Remodeling Project Manager in Barrington

“I’ve never worked anywhere before where this type of thinking was evident on a daily basis. No one has ever built into me in the way Todd and Christine have in such a short time”, says DJ, Advance Design’s newest project manager.

Christine and Todd are always searching for new and uplifting tools for leadership training. “We’ve been attending the Leadership Conference for over a decade now, using the tools and ideas we bring back in our training. Taking the time out to attend this event with our leadership team is a big investment for our company; but after hearing the feedback from those attending this year for the first time, I know that the value will be immeasurable”, says Christine.


Leadership speaker in Barrington


Todd is inspired by the high caliber of leaders brought in at the conference, and especially enjoys the teaching of John Maxwell. “We’ve been teaching from John Maxwell’s material for years. I’ve reminded the team that any worthwhile objective requires hard work and is often an uphill battle, a point that Maxwell made at this year’s conference”, said Todd.


Home Remodeling Interior Designer in Barrington


Not sure initially what to expect, designer Nicole Ryan had this to say; “What an amazing experience to be a part of! I feel so inspired to use the tools we were given to empower others. It will not only help me grow as an individual, but grow together as a company!”




Home Remodeling Project Designer in Barrington


Many of the speakers at the summit taught ways to lead your team as a matter of “pulling and not pushing”.
One such speaker was TD Jakes who said, “Leadership emerges not only when an individual can capably do what needs doing; the real test is passed when a person can implement what needs to be done through others.”

Designer Scott Christensen was really impacted by this concept, “I learned the way you lead cannot only dramatically affect the end result, but can also impact how others view you. When you create an atmosphere of caring, everybody wins”.



Home Remodeling Project Manager in Crystal LakeAfter hearing speaker Dr. Travis Bradberry talk about concepts from his #1 bestselling book Emotional Intelligence 2.0, Project Manager Justin Davis had this response; “This is the hardest job I’ve ever done, and I’ve learned that how I manage my own emotions ties directly into how I empower those I lead, and affects the clients I work with”.

“We are often asked by associates how we manage such a cohesive team”, says Todd who gives this answer; “Personal development and leadership training for our people is a core value here at our company. It’s our firm belief that without strong leaders, there will be no strong team. And without a strong team, we wouldn’t have the ability to put forth a product of significant value to our client”, says Todd who is referring to the powerful experience of “Common Sense Remodeling” that the company is known for.


Leadership team in Barrington


“Something that stuck in my brain was that you don’t build a business, you build people, and those people in turn build a business”, says DJ, who was thrilled with the opportunity to attend the GLS for the first time. And building people is exactly what Christine and Todd are doing, one team member, one day, one meeting at a time, year after year.



And the results are evident in the outcome of each and every remodeling project they perform.  The team recently completed a major kitchen renovation in Arlington Heights for clients, Mike and Susan Weber.  In their post project video interview, they had this to say, “It’s obvious in every interaction we’ve had with the team at Advance Design Studio, that Todd and Christine must do something with workshop training or team building within their company because everyone is really a team player and easy to work with, and we have enjoyed having them in our lives for the summer,” says Susan.


Kitchen Renovation project in Arlington Heights


If you’d like to know more about the amazing team at Advance Design Studio, click here.  And for more information about Common Sense Remodeling, or if you’re considering a kitchen remodel for your Crystal Lake home, visit our website, or check out commonly asked questions at FAQ’s.  For images of recently completed remodeling projects, visit our website and view Client Experiences.  Click or call us at (847) 836-2600 to schedule your appointment to experience the difference Common Sense Remodeling can make on your next addition or renovation!




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