What’s Trending NOW in Cabinetry Design?

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Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry in Barrington

The past few years have brought some pretty amazing shifts in kitchen and bath cabinetry design. Interior design has really embraced an earthy feel, outdoor materials like real wood, metals, and stone, and amazing textures that are sure to become the “new classics”. And unlike some trends that are here and gone, these new looks are bound to remain timeless for years to come.

Here are some brand new releases in our Medallion Platinum line that our design team was eager to get their hands on!




19th century craftsmanship meets 21st century sophistication for a look that brings warehouse chic to the next level. From the gloss painted brick walls to the deep charcoal brown tones of Smoke finished on cherry cabinets – to the repurposed work table; Industrial Vintage is eclectic, artistic, and inspired.

Industrial Vintage Cabinetry in Barrington





With notes of the sea and sky and a hint of a white-washed farmhouse, this blend of the past and present creates a sunny respite that instantly welcomes you home. Shown in the patchwork wood flooring and the embellished table island in weathered Dove Appaloosa, authenticity and family gatherings inspired the classic yet casual setting of this country estate.

Classic Cabinetry in Barrington




Exclusive to the Platinum platform, three beautiful new hues of have been added to create The Appaloosa Collection.
Cabinetry Distressed Finishes in BarringtonDove, Buckskin and Silver Appaloosa, along with our original Appaloosa, are available on maple, cherry and knotty alder. This gives you four unique distressed finishes to complement your design.





Three new door styles —Waldorf, Middleton and Amesbury are available in cherry, knotty alder and maple; Amesbury is also available in quartersawn oak.
Cabinetry Door Styles in BarringtonTwo door styles; Loxley and Providence, are new! Loxley is available in maple and cherry, and Providence is available in maple, cherry and knotty alder.





Two new partial mullion options have just arrived: Transom, Traditional Transom and Mission Transom. All three include clear glass with optional decorative glass.

Transitional Style Cabinetry in BarringtonIndustry wide, Transitional style is at the forefront of popularity and continues to climb. So choosing the right door style is essential for fulfilling this look. Platinum has added seven door styles and mullion options to support trends that land in the chameleon-like category.





Five-piece drawer fronts are now standard on most Platinum door styles. New this year, these door styles now include five-piece drawer fronts:
Bahamas, Bayside, Dana Pointe, Gable, Hudson Falls, Oasis, Picadilly, Santa Cruz, Stockton, Trinity and Venice.

Cabinetry Drawer Fronts in BarringtonIf your budget doesn’t call for Platinum throughout, consider placement of a Platinum hutch or island in one of our exciting new Appaloosa finishes, or a new Stoney Brooke Collection finish as an upgrade path.





Create signature finishes with custom paints, hand-applied glaze techniques and distressing options with the Finish Select program.

Cabinetry Finishes in BarringtonColor trends shift from season to season with bright and bold or subdued tones. Along with customized paint colors, create new combinations of stain, glaze and distressing to cater to today’s rustic textured trends.





Storage solutions like Smart Storage Base, stacked wall cabinets, Smart Sink Base and automated drive waste basket cabinets are designed for ease of use.

They’ve also added additional sizes of standard cabinets. Look for 33”, 51”, 87” and 102” high cabinetry throughout the product line.

Cabinet Storage in BarringtonCabinetry today works overtime to organize and improve the efficiency of the kitchen design and maximize space and functionality.




This is just a brief introduction of the wide range and flexibility of cabinetry offerings here at Advance Design Studio. Whatever your style and budget, we have something right for you! Contact our team today and schedule your introductory meeting to explore design ideas and find out more about Common Sense Remodeling at Advance Design!

Medallion Barrington Cabinetry


Check out this Medallion Barrington kitchen, where distressed island “furniture” dresses up this farmhouse estate! Devonshire raised panel shown in Maple Carriage Black Heirloom finish.



Medallion Barrington Kitchen





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