Production Management

Justin Davis

VP Field Operations, Project Manager Interiors Construction, Master Carpenter

Justin_Production mgmtJustin is one of those natural born carpenters whose touch is gold wherever he works. Known to install an entire crown molding in one fell swoop, Justin’s talent is commented on by clients in a sort of “amazement” after watching him work. His motivations are perfect joints and miters whenever it comes to especially cabinetry and fine woodwork.

When managing projects, Justin’s ability to work through any challenge on a project is unparalleled. Clients simply love having Justin in their homes, becoming instantly comfortable with his calm personality and appreciating his process and skill. Project timing, planning, and control; in projects under his care and supervision no detail goes unaddressed. His ability to produce projects from start to finish is smooth, his relationships with clients and trades are notable, and the end product is nothing short of the best possible.

Justin has been a carpenter since he was 15 years old, and has been sharing his talents with Advance Design first from 2002-2004, after which he ventured out to run his own contracting business. As he began to appreciate the complexities of all aspects of remodeling, he returned to Advance Design in 2006 to apply his talents, producing some of our company’s best projects since. His experience and dedication to the company is seen in the field practices and systems developed during his tenure here that our staff employs daily to give homeowners the Common Sense Remodeling process they most appreciate us for.

“There is a sense of pride and gratification when standing back and looking at what was created after a project is complete. This is why I love what I do, and being a part of Advance Design has given me the opportunity to work on amazing projects and meet great people”, says Justin.

“I am privileged to be part of a leadership team who values each unique contribution by every person on the team. I came back to Advance Design because I wanted to be part of something bigger than myself, and I love being empowered to make the right decisions to make clients happy, and to grow, inspire, and develop the team of talented carpenters entrusted to me. I can’t imagine being anywhere else”.

Justin lives in Woodstock with his wife and two children. In his free time, he enjoys operating RC helicopters and taking amazing aerial photos.



Josh Fay

Construction Project Manager, Master Carpenter

Josh_Production mgmtJosh runs a tight ship in Construction, managing projects with multiple aspects such as additions, major renovations, and even new homes. Particular about things begin done right, he is organized and detail oriented. His relationships with carpenters under his watch is inspiring yet demanding, and trades respect Josh as he coordinates well with them to get things done on time.

Clients like Josh’s communication and kind disposition, as he is always careful to keep them informed and is considerate of the stresses clients experience while having their home disrupted during a transformation.

Josh is motivated by an immense sense of satisfaction when taking projects from paper to reality. Whether it’s understanding the complex structures required tying in a remodel, or completing building from scratch; Josh excels at understanding the details and knowing exactly what to do. His keen sense of knowledge and expertise, especially when tying in to older structures has been gained from years of experience working with these types of projects.

Josh is doing what he loves and has been a carpenter from 12 years old (even though he will tell you that he wasn’t exactly gainfully employed at that age). Josh has brought years of carpentry skills from working as a union carpenter to his role here at Advance Design Studio since 2007. Here he’s worked his way up from carpenter to Construction Project Manager by evidencing diligence, hard work, attention to detail, and extreme attention to his clients.

“The best part about my job here is the experience we all get to have with each individual client, which provides me with the opportunity to give them the best quality remodeling experience suited to their individual wants and needs”, says Josh.

Josh resides in Wonder Lake and enjoys time with his two boys. He diligently works out daily and plays basketball.



DJ Yurik

Certified Lead Carpenter, Project Construction Manager

DJ_Production mgmtAs a Certified Lead Carpenter and Project Construction Manager, DJ’s mantra of “do it right the first time” is evident early on in any project. With extensive knowledge and experience in construction, he has a keen ability to problem solve on the fly; a talent necessary to manage the complexities that can arise quickly on any renovation project.

His goal on every project is to maintain the strictest of schedules in order to meet with a completion goal, while still allowing for flexibility with each client who may want to make a change or add something mid project. Clients appreciate that his greatest strength is in communication, as his calm demeanor is contagious to all who work with him; always maintaining control and perspective.

“I came to Advance Design after doing my research, because I saw that they had a positive environment that would allow me to grow and truly do my best work. I’ve since experienced the positive attitude and “can do” atmosphere cultivated by leadership, and lived out through the team I work with every day”, says DJ.

“Project Management in remodeling is quite possibly the most difficult job there is when it comes to pulling off a smooth renovation. After being a part of this team and learning to implement Common Sense Remodeling, I honestly can say I can’t imagine working anywhere else both for my own good and for the clients I serve”.

DJ brings experience in all phases of the residential carpentry and construction industry since the year 2000. A master carpenter, he has also achieved the Certified Lead Carpenter designation by the National Association of Remodeling, and completed the full coursework and certification for Lead Safe in the state of Illinois. He was involved in a project that won the National Preservation award in 2014, and lead carpenter for a project that made the cover of Chicago Home Remodeler Magazine. He joined the team at Advance Design in early 2015 and is making a direct impact as a Lead Carpenter and Project Manager.

In his spare time he enjoys time with his wife and three girls in Roselle, and enjoys cross fit, boating and fishing.



Dave Nagorzanski

Project Manager, Master Carpenter

Dave’s biggest talents lie in managing people and projects. Having worked in the construction field for over 20 years, Dave truly likes interacting with people, and is all about efficiency in getting it done. You may find him managing your project, applying his carpentry talent, mentoring carpenters, and spreading his good nature as he goes. Clients of all personalities find themselves instantly at comfort with Dave, able to ask any question and receive a thorough response with a smile, and a wonderful accent!

Dave began his career in the 1990’s as an AutoCAD designer with a wood products company, machining parts and building custom cabinetry. He advanced into a position teaching AutoCAD, transitioning an engineering department away from hand drawing into a fully computer design supported organization. His precise mannerisms today stem from his early years doing detailed work necessary to design and build very specific designs with efficiency and success.

In 2004, Dave created his own design and construction company along with his father who oversaw the financial operations. Dave developed and ran all facets of the company and grew it into a thriving remodeling business for 13 years. Shortly after his father’s retirement, he decided to close this chapter of his life to seek a position with a successful and growing company that espoused the same set of values he upheld in his own company for many years.

“I couldn’t believe it when I met Todd and Christine and Advance Design. I didn’t think there was a company out there with the same beliefs I valued so much, and the opportunity I have been given here to continue to do what I love has been nothing short of a huge blessing to me and my family. Closing my own company was a difficult decision, but knowing that I have such a great team to work with at Advance Design makes me more excited about the future than I thought possible,” says Dave.

Dave resides in Ingleside with his wife and four children. After being a small business owner for many years, he is looking forward to getting more balance in his life so that he can spend more time with his growing family!


  • ★★★★★ "Overall it was a very positive experience. Home design can be scary with so many average companies out there. Advance went above my expectations. We plan to use them again in the future." Review from Carolyn M. in Barrington, IL - Nov 13, 2017
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  • ★★★★★ "Advanced Design was great to work with! I would highly recommend them to anyone considering a home improvement project. They took the time at the beginning to understand our needs, budget, etc. and also helped us throughout the project with any change orders to stay in line with the upfront requirements...." Review from Mike C. in Lake Barrington, IL - Jun 30, 2017
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  • ★★★★★ "They did a wonderful job, were thorough, knowledgeable, helpful, respectful of our home, and we would use them again. We would totally recommend them." Review from Ange G. in Hoffman Estates, IL - May 17, 2017
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