As a full general contractor as well as an experienced design company, we are well versed in each of the project categories below. With our professional design team combined with project management services and construction all in-house, your project has the ability to enjoy the benefits of one fully cohesive project from start to finish. That’s “Common Sense Remodeling”!


home additions

Additions & Renovations

Whether you’re growing out of your home and need more room for the kids, or it’s time to get that master suite you’ve always dreamed of, sometimes the only way to get more space is to go up and out! Or perhaps you have plenty of space, but you just want it reconfigured in order to make it work better. If you love where you live, either way a partial or whole house renovation or maybe an addition may be just the answer your tired house needs.

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kitchen renovation

Kitchen Renovations

There are so many reasons to renovate your kitchen from the need to update appliances and finishes to the desire for improved functionality, beauty, and enjoyment. And there are as many options as there are reasons to choose them! Hands down, a kitchen renovation is the number 1 desired renovation project and the highest returning investment you can make in your home.

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master suite remodel

Master Suites, Bathrooms, and Powder Rooms

Ahh, the spa-like retreat of a new bathroom! Today, virtually any renovated bath can become a retreat with today’s hectic lifestyles. Whether it’s face-lifting a powder room or kid’s bath, or a complete renovation of a master bath, no matter the choice there’s plenty of ways to make your renovation reflect your goal.

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multiple room renovation

Multiple Rooms Renovations

This occurs when a homeowner has more than one room they wish to renovate at the same time. It may be a kitchen with a laundry room, a master and a hall bath, a basement, and a master bath, or any combination of 2 or more rooms. It may make sense to complete a Multiple Rooms Renovation if you wish to contain construction to one time-frame, you are moving into a new home that needs extensive work, or you wish to save a little bit of money by combining multiple projects into one.

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laundry mud room renovation

Laundry & Mud Rooms

Sometimes separate, and sometimes combined in one space, the Laundry/Mudroom projects have become more and more popular as families wish to have a designated place to “drop stuff” when they come home! These rooms as they’ve grown in size often facilitate lots of other activities as well from gift wrapping and craft making, to housing our furry friends sleeping quarters, dining and bathing areas.

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basement wine cellar renovation

Basements & Other Spaces

The lower level of the home, commonly referred to as the “basement” has taken on a whole new life of its own in recent years. What used to house primarily storage and maybe a spare bedroom today can provide the least expensive of renovations by creating brand new “living space” in sometimes previously unused square footage. Spectacular basements can house entertainment bars, full kitchens, fireplaces and game areas, wine storage, theaters and home gyms.

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outdoor home remodeling

Outdoor Spaces

Homeowners have expanded their living area by taking advantage of their backyards in record numbers today over years past. Pergolas, expansive decks, pool cabanas, outdoor kitchens, and screened porches combined with new landscaping have made outdoor spaces incredible new places for entertaining family and friends.

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