home remodeling process
home remodeling process
home remodeling process
home remodeling process
home remodeling process



Common Sense Home Remodeling

is Just Common Sense!

We start by getting to know you and understanding your needs, while you take your time to get to know us and our approach. After all, choosing who you will work with to make your dream a reality is the most important decision you will make.

By managing the multi-faceted details of your project from start to finish, we save you time, money, and the frustration of having to coordinate qualified professionals from every corner of our industry. With all these critical elements under one single source of responsibility; you’ll set the stage from the very beginning to experience the smoothest remodeling project possible, with relatively little room for error.

Explore the 5 Phases of the Common Sense Remodeling Process, and you’ll see why it simply makes Common Sense!

1. Get to Know One Another:

Step1_Process-pgEvery project begins with a no cost on-site consultation. This meeting is important because it’s where we get to know you and your home, and define precisely what’s most important to you regarding your goals, your budget, and your vision for your home.

Early meetings are often attended by both our Project Designer and our Construction Project Manager, providing the initial oversight and early contribution of each specialty expert required for your project.

We’ll discuss design ideas, your timeline goals and share with you how we begin to construct a reasonable budget. This meeting will ensure that all of our recommendations during design and budget development are tailored perfectly to meet your needs.

2. Preliminary Project Direction Development:

Step2_Process-pgFrom the information gathered in our initial meeting we will develop a complimentary preliminary design direction and preliminary project budget range, custom designed for you.

This phase may include 3D color initial design drawings viewed on our large screen monitor to give you a crystal clear idea of what your new space could look like.

As we continue to get to know you and your vision for the project, you will see the benefits of our Common Sense approach taking shape, and get a feel for what your experience will be like partnering with us to complete each element of your project conveniently from one source.

Included in your visit will be a detailed budgetary breakdown of each area required for your design, with options for graduating levels of product and material giving you a thorough understanding of your potential choices and how they may affect your overall budget.

Together we will use this information going forward to further develop your design and target a final investment range that best suits you. It is this upfront due diligence that will safeguard you from remodeling pitfalls, and set the stage for clear expectations and accuracy as the project scope and final budget take shape.

3. Project Design & Development:

Step3_Process-pgThis phase of the project mobilizes two specialty teams, Design and Production; devoted to plan and produce your project with excellence.

Our Design Team will work with you to define and develop your customized design, whether it requires architectural planning, space planning, kitchen and bath development, or more. This interactive process ensures that together, we’re creating the space you envision within the guidelines we collectively set in place.

You will have the opportunity to engage your dedicated design team with a personal education and guided selection of each design element, feature, product, color and finish. This important step helps to further enhance the function, final look and feel of your space. Actual product selections also help us to prepare an accurate final proposal for your approval.

During this phase our Production Team reviews design plans, and meets with each specialty trade at your home to accurately define all construction requirements, clarify any questions about details, and finalize the construction budget. This ensures that everyone working on your project understands the plan, and commits to the completed budget and the schedule.

This phase concludes with a final Budget and Plan Review Meeting, where the completed proposal, project agreement, and final project budget are reviewed and approved by you.

4. Construction Production and Check-In:

Step4_Process-pgOnce your proposal is approved, our design and production team goes to work submitting for permit, finalizing design and installation plans, confirming and ordering materials, and tracking and logging deliveries for literally hundreds of details for your project. Each item custom ordered is stored in our on-site warehouse until everything is ready for delivery, perfectly timed for each appropriate phase of construction.

Upon notice of your permit approval, and once product construction and shipping dates have been confirmed, your project manager will contact you to discuss logistics, the projected timeline, and expectations prior to beginning construction on your project.

Once work has started, our production team will check-in with you on a consistent basis regarding what to expect next, and your feedback on the progress to date. Our top goal is to make sure we are exceeding your expectations every step of the way.

Your project is produced and overseen daily by our in-house expert lead carpenters along with your dedicated Project Manager. Specialty trades, such as licensed electrical, plumbing, roofing, and more are our committed partners, many whom have been a part of our company for a decade or more. All of them work together under our Advance Design management team, and their work is covered by our exclusive Professional Warranty.

5. Project Closing & Warranty Follow Up:

Step5_Process-pgAs work nears completion, we will prepare a thorough completion checklist, noting any items still requiring special attention. This list is used by our production team internally to record and check off outstanding items, but is also provided to you for your review and input.

Our Project Management Team will facilitate a final project closing meeting with you to review and note any remaining questions or concerns. Your Professional Warranty will be dated, reviewed, and presented to you.

Upon completion, we’ll invite you to provide invaluable feedback regarding your project experience through our 3rd party review process. Our priority is to continue to ensure your complete positive project experience, so you can enjoy the peace and quiet of your renewed home!

We’ll introduce you to our Raving Fan Rewards Program where you can receive rewards each time you refer friends and family who become clients. You can use your awards for future remodeling projects, or for specially discounted Advance Design Handyman Services!


Enjoy the Common Sense Remodeling approach, where every project is completed with excellence through each of the 5 phases, while consistently exceeding the expectations of our valued clients. Enjoy the benefits of a professional guarantee, and a project done right from the very beginning. And most importantly, enjoy the process of transforming your home!