How to Put Spring Color into Your Home

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Yellow Kitchen in Pingree Grove

It seems appropriate to kick off this new series with a color that signals growth and renewal. Spring blossom yellows are soft yellows that have a pinch of green in them. They’re the colors of the first flower buds to come popping out of the freshly thawed soil, heralding winter’s end.

Tired of winter yet? Bring on spring with yellow!

Written by Jennifer Ott , Houzz contributor and owner/designer at Jennifer Ott Design, LLC.

Yellow Accents in Pingree GroveSpring blossom yellow is also one of my go-to interior paint colors for those who want to venture beyond expected neutrals but aren’t interested in supersaturated bold hues. It’s a happy, sunny color that exudes optimism. I’ve gathered a few of my favorite spring blossom yellow paint colors as well as examples that show how this color can perk up any room in the house.

Look for pale yellow colors that have a slight green cast. My top paint picks in this color family are Light Daffodil from Benjamin Moore, Spring Glen from Kelly-Moore, Narcissus from Sherwin-Williams and Spring Blossom from PPG Pittsburgh Paints.

Yellow Color Swatches

Yellow is a perennially favorite color for kitchens. It reminds me of the simple, charming farm kitchens I used to hang out in as a kid while visiting relatives with homes in the country. Those kitchens always had yellow painted cabinets, yellow walls Yellow Cabinetry in Pingree Groveor, given that this was the 1970s, yellow wallpaper. Spring blossom yellow, with that small hint of green, has a fresh and modern feel. It’s a fantastic alternative to the ubiquitous white kitchen cabinets of today.

Infuse your favorite room in the house with a soft, warm glow by painting the ceiling spring blossom yellow. This room is so inviting, due in large part to the warm and welcoming materials and color palette. What a great space for curling up with a good read or sharing a glass of wine with friends.

Or keep your cabinets clean and white and use soft yellow as a wall or backsplash color. I like this mix of neutral colors and materials. The dark honey wood floors contrast nicely with the crisp white cabinets and the accents of pale yellows.

SLaundry Room in Pingree Grovepeaking of dreary, laundry ranks as one of my least favorite chores, especially if I have to do it confined to a small, dark, windowless space. You may not be able to expand your laundry room to one this size, or add windows for that matter, but you can perk up the space by adding a generous splash of our featured hue. No, it won’t necessarily make laundry day a joyous occasion, but it might help elevate your mood while you’re doing it. Yellow & Gray Color Swatches

Lately I’ve been pushing bold statement-making front door colors, but I’ve got to admit I really like the subtlety of this light daffodil-hued door. It helps soften the intensity of the dark siding and bright white entry. Plus, you can’t get much more welcoming than a yellow front door.

Front Door in Pingree GroveIf you tend to stick to neutral colors when decorating your home, take a chance on an unusual hue for a standout piece of furniture. This modern chair in spring blossom yellow stands on its own but would also work well with furnishings in a variety of other hues, such as deep blues, warm greens and all shades of gray.

Speaking of what to pair with spring blossom yellow, I’ve pulled together a few sample paint palettes in case you want to introduce it into your own home and are wondering how it plays with other colors.

This palette shows how you can punch up the main color, Light Daffodil, with a hue that’s a notch or two darker, such as Hibiscus. Add a soft gray, such as Gray Owl, for a neutral highlight.

If you prefer coordinating colors that offer a cool contrast to the yellow – Spring Glen in this example palette – look for grayed-out blues, such as Grey Mare and Mirador.

Yellow & Grey Colors

This palette veers more toward the green side and would be a pretty, soothing color scheme for a bedroom or bathroom. The soft, Sun Room in Pingree Grovewarm gray color, Rain Cloud, makes a good base color in a room, or you can use it as the ceiling color. You could also put Rain Cloud on three walls in a room, add an accent wall in Woodland Fern and then top it all off with Spring Blossom on the ceiling.


We hope you love articles on fashion design for your home! Whatever colors you love, make your home great with the professional help of our fantastic design team at Advance Design Studio. Spring is finally upon us, so call today to get your appointment for summer and fall projects now!




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