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Outdoor Spaces in Schaumburg

Screened porches and 3-4-season rooms are the perfect way to enjoy your backyard without giving up the comforts of being indoors. Enjoy a quiet, peaceful retreat where you can relax, entertain,or just enjoy the view protected from the elements.


3-4 Season's Room in SchaumburgBuilding a screened porch, or an enclosed 3 or 4-season room can provide a number of benefits for better enjoyment of your home.  These outdoor extensions of your home typically allow for sunlight while providing a barrier from bugs and weather. They extend the use of your outdoor living space during the sometimes extremely hot as well as cooler seasons we experience here in the mid-west. Enclosed outdoor living spaces may also increase your property value.







Which type of enclosed outdoor living space you choose to construct depends on how much you want to invest and how you intend to use it.


Screened PorchesScreened Porch in Schaumburg

are a great option for adding usable outdoor living space that allows you to enjoy the outdoors with protection from bugs and inclement weather, while still enjoying fresh air.  Built on a deck foundation, screened porches are the most economical choice for an indoor/outdoor “enclosed” living space.



3-Season Room in Schaumburg3-Season Rooms

can be used typically spring through fall, when the weather is reasonably warm. Screens can be used during mild weather to let in fresh air, and light weight adjustable plexi- glass inserts can be used in the cooler seasons, and when kept closed keep the space relatively clean.  3 Season’s rooms are not typically insulated or conditioned.


Fireplaces, lighting and fans, and other entertainment requiring electrical can be incorporated.  Tile or decking is usually the flooring material of choice, and radiant heat can easily be incorporated in a tile floor.  Depending on the local code requirements, 3 Season Rooms are typically built on a pier “foundation” similar to that of a screened porch.



4-Season Rooms4-Season Room in Schaumburg

can be enjoyed all year round. High-efficiency windows and insulated glass retain radiant heat during the winter months and reflect heat and UV rays in the summer. As with 3-season rooms, screens can be used during mild weather. HVAC systems combined with insulated walls, floors and roofs also help to maintain a comfortable indoor climate throughout the year, and radiant heat flooring can be incorporated with tile floors.

4 Season Rooms are typically the most expensive indoor/outdoor living space option, since code requirements include a typical house foundation to support the fully enclosed and conditioned structure.  The sky’s the limit with the ability to design in outdoor type kitchens, lighting and fans, fireplaces, and even TV and sound systems.


Decks & Pergolas in SchaumburgDecks and Pergolas

are still very popular choices too! If you’re interested in creating an outdoor living space, but are interested in a traditional deck – there any many great options today incorporating design elements like easy maintenance composite decking material, LED lighting, gas fire features, pergolas, and outdoor kitchens.  Talk to us about your deck project and we’d be happy to design the outdoor deck of your dreams too.



At Advance Design, together we can work with you to create the perfect indoor/outdoor living space to enhance the enjoyment of your home – no matter what the time of year. Contact our design team for a free consultation to learn more about our Common Sense Remodeling system, designed to help you design, budget, and build your dream space.


Check out this recently built 3-Season’s Room right here in Gilberts by Advance Design Studio, Ltd.

3-Season's Room & Pergola in Gilberts


















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