‘Greenery’ is the 2017 Color of the Year

You’ll be seeing green in 2017! And I’m not talking about money (well, maybe?).  I am talking about the hue called “Greenery”; selected by the industry’s color experts to lift spirits as we [...]

Ways To Improve Your Winter Mornings

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Home Technology for Dummies

Do you ever wonder how to get rid of the 4 remote controls in your living room? If you’re female, you’re probably wondering why there are four remote controls in your living room! If you’re

Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

So you’re remodeling your home, maybe doing a kitchen or master bath renovation…did you ever stop and think about your water? The very water you cook with, drink, and bathe in can have a major

What’s Trending NOW in Cabinetry Design?

The past few years have brought some pretty amazing shifts in kitchen and bath cabinetry design. Interior design has really embraced an earthy feel, outdoor materials like real wood, metals, and

Is This a Cool NEW Type of Tile?

We are fresh off the 2016 Kitchen and Bath Show, the SEN Design Conference, and the Coverings show at McCormick place just last week.  It’s been a busy few weeks!  When attending industry

Bath Furniture You’ve Been Waiting For!

Just in time for spring we’ve finished a beautifully fresh display of Dura’s new bath furniture program.  With six unique styles to choose from, each with coordinating linen cabinets and

6 Benefits of Radiant Heat

Homeowners living in cold climates accept drafty rooms, the sound of their home furnaces cycling on and off, and the discomfort of cold feet during the winter months as normal. However, more and more

20 Most Popular Kitchen Design Trends of 2015

              What are the 20 most popular kitchen design trends of 2015?  With over 25 million photos of real renovation projects around the globe, when [...]

Color of the Year 2016 Emphasizes Balance & Security

Every year fashion, beauty and design experts eagerly await the announcement of Pantone’s color of the year. The color selection is not only an important statement on what color will