The Best Reasons to Remodel. 2015 Cost vs. Value Report

The 2015 Remodeling magazine Cost vs. Value report released last week showed a national average resale value of 62% ROI (return on investment) averaging 36 typical remodeling

The Most Popular Kitchen Storage Ideas of 2014

I loved this article so much that I thought those of you designing a kitchen for the New Year might love to see the “Most Popular Kitchen Storage Ideas from 2014”! So here it is direct from

Sorry About All The Pretty Pictures!

So I got the idea to write this article from one of our readers who contacted me almost apologetically, asking me if we could do a small project, one that was not nearly as glamorous as

8 Tips on Hiring a Professional Design Firm

You’ve contemplated renovating your home for many years; you’ve looked at magazines, shopped for appliances, and dreamed about a transformation. Now it’s time; the [...]

Improving Lighting in Your Home

  It’s a fact of life that our eyesight weakens as we age, but most homeowners ignore the signs that it’s time to add lighting to their homes. Most homes remain poorly lighted, [...]