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Why Surveys Matter: Advance Design Recognized by National Magazine

Successful Client Renovations in Gilberts

Advance Design ranked #1 among 60 top remodeling companies as featured in the July 2015 issue of Qualified Remodeler’s Special Report on Customer Satisfaction based on 3rd party Guild Quality survey ratings across 16 different project performance metrics as reported by Advance Design clients.

In the article, Guild Quality asked 60 top remodelers to share whatQualified Remodeler in Gilberts practices and principles they believed were responsible for their high levels of success.  Additionally, they created a heat-metric that draws upon thousands of client responses over more than a decade to benchmark remodeler behaviors that contribute directly to client satisfaction.

To view the full Qualified Remodeler Magazine July 2015 issue CLICK HERE


Here is a snapshot of Advance Design as featured in the article:

Advance Design Studio in Gilberts

Advance Design brought our ideas into realization through skilled craftsmanship, attention to detail, and customer service that should become a benchmark for all companies.” 

Ruth & Bud Kane, Elgin
Guild Quality Survey Respondent Sept 2015


Two years ago, the team at Advance Design made a commitment to begin formally surveying clients upon project completion.  Because our client’s responses are posted online for the entire world to see, naturally we were a bit nervous when we began asking for feedback.   Although we didn’t know what to expect, we  were convinced that by asking clients to be surveyed by an objective 3rd party, that they would be more open to sharing things that might alert us to blind spots in our company that we couldn’t see.  We recognized as noted in the article that; “The only effective way known to track customer satisfaction is through regular survey work of past clients.”

We were convinced that Constructive criticism coming directly from our clients would have significantly more impact on our team than anything else we could do after 20+ years in business to improve.  After reviewing nearly 100 client surveys over the past 2 years, here are the top 3 things we’ve learned:


  1. How our clients like and benefit from our systems and processes.

In the past few years, we have created, fine-tuned, and agonized over a process and a system for nearly every part of our business operations.  From how we handle an upfront consultation and how we design a project behind the scenes, to how we work together to produce a renovation once it passes through design and heads into the field.  No stone has gone unturned in creating and implementing a systematic approach to everything we do.  Of course what our client sees is a highly customized smooth process from start to finish, and what they’ve told us is our organization skills coupled with our problem solving and creativity are among the top reasons they chose to work with us.  We learned our hard work is paying off!


  1. How our staff interacts with our clients.

We take a lot of pride in our staff.  We carefully vet and chose new staff, and once someone has been integrated into our training and our culture, we work with them to coach and create a long term goal for their personal growth, all the while carefully fitting them into the structure of the team.  Our turnover is low, and survey feedback on our staff has been golden.  Our team takes great pride in their work, and the specific comments by name from our clients have fed the hearts and challenged the minds of our team.  We learned that feedback directly from clients is the most powerful kind.


  1. What they thought of our company over-all, and whether or not they would refer us to their friends and family.

Most of our clients probably don’t realize how much we thrive on direct feedback; good, bad and otherwise.  We lose sleep over the hidden pipes that caused an unexpected change order, the delay we couldn’t control on an order, and the late finish we stayed on Saturday to complete.  According to Guild Quality; “Over the past decade, the importance placed by leading remodelers on customer satisfaction metrics (generally) and “willingness to recommend” (specifically) has grown dramatically.”


Remodeling is a tough job, and we kill ourselves to do the perfect job for every client.  What we found out is that despite the normal issues (which we always resolve), that our clients generally love us and appreciate everything we do to go the extra mile to make their dreams come to life.  We didn’t necessarily expect that 100% of our clients would recommend us to friends and neighbors.  Wow.  What we learned blew us away.

Despite our survey success, and that of being named #1 in our recommendation and scoring among more than 2,000 companies…you might be interested to know that we still eagerly await each and every survey response – pouring over every score and comment.  Not one response or comment goes unnoticed or unaddressed.  And every single client survey contributes right back to our systems, our people, and our company as a whole; making us a better company for every survey completed.

“As business owners, top remodelers use key financial, accounting and marketing metrics to monitor the health of their firms. The accuracy and timeliness of those metrics correlate directly to the quality of an owner’s decision making. Better data leads to better decisions.” As cited in the article by QRM below.  And better decisions by us ultimately means a better experience by you; and a happier client!

To view the full Qualified Remodeler Magazine July 2015 issue CLICK HERE


Referrals and word-of-mouth

testimonials are the life blood

of our business

Todd & Christine Jurs

Guild Quality Reviews in Gilberts


Advance Design was also awarded the prestigious 2015 Guild Master Award for exceptional customer service by Guild Quality earlier this year.


About QuildQuality

GuildQuality was founded in 2003 by Geof Graham during his time as a real estate developer as a surveying solution for small to mid-sized homebuilders and remodelers. Since then, GuildQuality has grown to become the nation’s leader in web-based customer satisfaction surveying for the residential construction industry. Having surveyed over one million homeowners, nearly 2,000 of the best residential construction professionals rely on GuildQuality’s customer satisfaction surveying, performance reporting, and marketing tools to help them monitor, improve, and share their commitment to quality and receive the recognition they deserve for doing exceptional work.

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