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The Remarkable LeCompte/Kalaway Trail Owners Cup

Everyone who came out on Saturday to tailgate with us at the LeCompte/Kalaway Polo Cup in Barrington Hills was definitely not disappointed!

The day opened with a National Anthem unlike any you’ve ever seen; a carefully choreographed parade of proud silver glittered horses crisscross the field, their riders with huge American flags as the National Anthem reverberated from one side of the massive field to the goalposts on the opposite end.

Festivities commenced with the elegant dressage moves of the Pony Quadrille before the first polo match of the day began. Powerful horses, tails tied and manes clipped short with riders swinging wooden mallets traverse the field back-and-forth, sometimes at a full gallop chasing a small white ball.

This year Advance Design sponsored 15 golf carts that drove nearly 3,000 attendees to tailgate parties lining the field. Advance Design’s logo was proudly on display across 50 volunteer t-shirts as an event sponsor. Polo riders visited our tent during the event thanking sponsors like us for hosting the event which would not exist if not for their support.

Between matches, real life “story-like” visions emerged of children chasing a large pack of Fox River Valley Massbach Hounds at the “running of the hounds”, golf carts drove guests to and from the gate, guests converged on the field to stomp the clumps of dirt and grass pulled up by horse hooves, and wrapping up the day, the now infamous, battle of the sexes ended with a victory for the ladies. All afternoon there was constant action on the field.

Throughout the afternoon a full tent of guests gathered, shaded from the bright sun at the Advance Design tailgate enjoying delectable treats sponsored by Chef Dave at M Supper Club along with wine, fruit, and cheese, chocolate chip cookies and some great company.

Among those who attended were seasoned Advance Design clients, some who have known the team for many years. All were excited to see members of their design and construction teams driving golf carts, sharing a table, and engaging in conversation about everything and anything including families, remodeling projects past and future, celebrating babies and what they plan to do in retirement.

It warmed our hearts to hear client stories of renovations retold, as well as wishes that our team could come back and simply hang out more! The level of praise lavished upon us on this day set us on a high for this entire week, reminding us clearly of why we work so hard for them, and why we do what we do!

Entertaining this group was more like hanging out with a bunch of old friends. We mused later that no matter the challenges or complexity of their projects, all of these easy-going folks are forever kind, appreciative, and happy to meet up with us again as fans of Advance Design.

If you missed the event this year, stay tuned for another exciting opportunity to hang out with the Advance Design Team! After all, we are a super fun bunch!

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