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What’s Trending NOW in Cabinetry Design?

Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry in Barrington

The past few years have brought some pretty amazing shifts in kitchen and bath cabinetry design. Interior design has really embraced an earthy feel, outdoor materials like real wood, metals, and Read More

Is Gray the New Beige? Using Popular Colors in Your Design


White & Gray is IN: If you haven’t noticed yet when shopping these days for clothing, housewares, or even a new car – gray is IN. And with it, White has taken over in the Kitchen and Bath world as Read More

How To Bring Nature into Your New Kitchen and Bath


Today’s designers certainly draw their inspiration from many places in the world, however mother nature provides a deep well of ideas that work well for just about every Read More

So, You Want To Remodel Your Kitchen (Part 4): Door Construction & Style


At a glance, door construction may appear mostly aesthetic. Solid panels, differing joints and applications of panels and overlays contribute to the sleek contemporary look, or the detailed traditional Read More

So, You Want To Remodel Your Kitchen (Part 2): Cabinetry Finishes


Finish quality impacts the ultimate longevity of any kitchen cabinet more than almost any other factor. One of the first things that typically break down necessitating the desire to replace worn looking Read More

So, You Want To Remodel Your Kitchen (Part 1): Cabinetry Construction


Renovating your kitchen can be one of the most exciting, practical and rewarding home improvement projects you can undertake for the betterment and enjoyment of your Read More

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