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How To Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal This Winter

Cold, dreary winter can make your house look ordinary and bland. Why not boost your homes curb appeal with a few of these easy fixes. A couple changes to the outside of your house can have you feeling like your living in a brand new home. Here is an article we really liked to help you create a beautiful home.

9 Ways to Boost Winter Curb Appeal

By Laura Gaskill, Houzz Contributor

For those of us living in cold climates, our homes (at least the outsides) tend to look a little sad once the trees have lost their leaves. And if you are trying to sell your home in winter, it can be especially challenging, because most of the usual curb appeal tricks (add pots of fresh flowers; landscape) don’t apply. That’s why I’ve rounded up nine elements to add to boost curb appeal even when there is snow on the ground and not a flower in sight.

1. Red trim or a red door. When snow is covering the rooftops and walkways, nothing stands out quite like a bright, clear red. Paint your trim, front door or both in this bold hue, and your home will instantly stand out in a sea of bare trees and white drifts.

2. A standout mailbox. The old-fashioned post mailbox gets a modern update here with sleek lines and a bright red hue. Attaching your house numbers right to the mailbox will make them easy to locate and add graphic punch.

3. Shiny garden ornaments. Your greenery may die back in the winter months, but garden ornaments will shine on. Choose something with a bit of gleam, like the silver orbs shown here, for maximum impact.

4. Extra-large house numbers. Numbers that are 6 inches high or higher make a big statement, and they work especially well on facades with little other ornamentation. If the numbers are placed away from the main lighting, consider installing a downlight over them.

5. A Charlie Brown Christmas tree. While you’re picking up your Christmas tree, consider also grabbing the scrawniest tree in the lot — it would look adorable on the front porch with a simple burlap skirt and a strand or two of twinkle lights.

6. Neatly trimmed greenery. Hedges that stay green through the winter are a godsend in cold climates — they can lend your home some much-needed freshness when everything else has withered. Even if you don’t have bushes planted in the ground, you can still add big pots of boxwood for a dose of green on your porch or front steps. Crisply trimmed shapes look especially polished.

7. Lantern post. Reminiscent of old inns, a hanging lantern on a post is as charming as can be. If you don’t want to bother with having it wired, just use a battery-operated outdoor-rated candle inside.

8. Statue atop a wall. Have a wall at the edge of your property? Use it as a perch for a tasteful statue. And if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, your sculpture can do double duty as a marker to let the snowplows know where your fence line is. You could even adorn it with a wreath or strand of bells for a festive touch.

9. Driveway lighting. If your home is set back from the street, seeing it in the evening may be a challenge without a little extra help. Add a few driveway lights — on the ground level if you get no snow or up higher on posts if you do — to remedy the problem. Welcoming lights leading the way to your door will beckon warmly from the road, showing visitors the way.




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