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How Much Should Your New Kitchen Cost?

Costs of Kitchen Remodeling in Arlington Heights

So you’ve determined it’s finally the right time to renovate that old kitchen! You’ve collected pictures and ideas, browsed appliances and paint colors and have a little bit of direction, but you’re not sure exactly what to do next and have no idea how much it might cost.

I’ve noticed people in this position tend to get the “deer in the headlights” thing going at this early stage. I think the biggest reason for this stems from the fact that renovating your kitchen is a significant investment for most people, and they don’t want to mess it up! Shopping for a new kitchen is nothing like shopping for a car or an appliance where the information is all there next to a $ you can compare on a website.

Before Kitchen Remodel in Arlington Heights









Remodeling, and kitchens in particular, can be virtually unlimited when it comes to ideas and the companies that produce them, but unfortunately your pocket book is not. So let’s start out with an idea of what to expect, and hopefully that will help you to feel less vulnerable so you can get unstuck and get the ball rolling!

Facelift changes that basically alter the appearance of a kitchen can be done DIY for a few thousand dollars. Maybe adding a backsplash, a new sink, some under cabinet lighting, new fixtures and hardware is a great way to spruce up that tired looking space. Replacing cabinets in the current footprint can usually be done for $200-$400 per cabinet for stock grade cabinetry, plus the installation cost. Add in new countertops, appliances, and the rest of the trimmings and you could spend $12-$20K pretty quickly.

Estimating a new kitchen cost can be tricky, because most complete kitchen renovations can range anywhere between $25K – and up to six figures, depending on what’s being done and the level of a client’s taste. Remodeling Magazine’s 2015 Cost vs. Value report released in January states that the average Minor Kitchen renovation cost in the mid-west this year is $19,503. They show a Mid-Range Kitchen renovation cost of $57,407, and an Up-Scale Kitchen renovation of $114,020. That wide range could confuse any homeowner!

Kitchen 3D Drawing in Arlington Heights

You may not see the value of investing that much money into your kitchen and might opt for a moderate budget. According to Remodeling Magazine; homeowners who invested in kitchen renovations reap on average a 60%+ return on investment (if they should sell in today’s real estate market). And for homeowners who want to change their home substantially and plan to stay and enjoy it, many have reported that the money invested in transforming their home was the best investment they’ve ever made.

One of the reasons that the kitchen is the most expensive room in the house to renovate is that cost can vary greatly based upon the extent of what is being done and the quality level of products being selected. If you’re just looking to replace cabinetry and countertops without any changes to your footprint, well that usually can be done on the lower end of the spectrum. Many homeowners however are looking to make changes to their confined kitchens in order expand their size, as well as integrate them more with the rest of the home which explains the higher renovation costs.

Kitchen Remodel Costs in Arlington Heights

Here are the most common requested changes and characteristics, all of which may impact the cost of a kitchen renovation:

1.The square footage of the kitchen (larger kitchens tend to cost more)

2. New or refinished floors

3. Removing or altering walls

4. Removing soffits

5. Bump out addition to increase square footage

6. Moving of major mechanicals (gas, HVAC, water and electric)

7. New appliances

8. The kitchen renovation extends into and involves changes to other rooms

9. Additions or changes to windows, doors, and exteriors to accommodate new design


The more of these things you have in your project, the more the budget needs to be to accommodate them. A good kitchen design company begins the design process with an itemized list of everything you wish to accomplish. They can then estimate with amazing accuracy the predicted cost of the project before you ever get knee deep committed to any design.

Arlington Heights 3D Kitchen Drawing

Advance Design’s 3D drawings produced during preliminary design are so realistic; they may be mistaken for a real photograph of your new kitchen. This is a design step you cannot miss, as it’s the single most impactful tool you can use to truly visualize your new space and make decisions.

Our next step is to create a detailed, line itemed analysis showing each and every product and labor requirement to accomplish the design desired. Options are key here as homeowners use this valuable tool to determine where their budget ought to be, and to further identify what is truly important to them.


We call this our “Common Sense Remodeling” approach to your kitchen renovation:

1. Determine what you want (with your talented designer team’s help)

2. Itemize estimated costs and determine your target budget

3. Draw a beautiful illustration of design ideas

Kitchen Renovation Cost in Arlington Heights

It’s as simple as 1, 2, and 3. We actually do this exact process with every type of remodeling project, because it just makes good sense! With the help of our designers (who are great at this by the way), estimating your kitchen renovation cost is easy and you will never be more excited than when you can see it on paper just like you’ve imagined. Contact us today at Advance Design to engage in Common Sense Remodeling, and you’ll be sipping latte at your brand new breakfast bar in no time!

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