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Hate Dust When Remodeling? 7 Ways to Reduce It

Removing Dust with Build Clean in Cary

My builder called to let me know our city had just issued our building permit, and they were ready to start work the following Monday on our new addition and kitchen remodeling project. Elated, I hung up the phone and called my husband to tell him the good news. What I had not foreseen at the time was the disruption the new construction was going to cause inside my household.  As the weeks of noise, lack of privacy and disorganization continued, the home remodeling work started to wear on us.


Construction Dust in Cary

One thing that negatively impacted us the most was the ongoing construction dust,
which covered almost every area of the house, even those not directly under construction.  I knew construction dust was a necessary part of the home remodeling process, but it began to pose a more serious threat for my son who suffered with asthma at the time. He began having trouble sleeping at night, and I could not help but think the dust played a role. In addition the situation was made worse because our home remodeling project was done during a cold northern Illinois winter, when our windows needed to remain closed.  

Air Filtration in Cary
Now, a company called BuildClean™ and Advance Design Studio are working to significantly reduce the dust created during construction that makes homeowners so uncomfortable. Advance Design Studio uses a system called BuildClean™ air filtration as part of a total dust control plan, keeping you and your family healthier during the construction process.  A BuildClean™ air filtration unit is specifically designed to quietly trap 90% of the airborne dust during a home remodeling project, which allows you and your family to breathe easier.


Choose a Contractor With a Total Clean Air Quality Plan

As a certified BuildClean™ home remodeling company, Advance Design Studio will develop a comprehensive dust control management plan with you. Here are some of the key features we provide to our customers to control dust. These 7 items are also things you should look for when selecting your next home remodeler.


7 Keys to Developing a Dust Control System


1. Have realistic expectations.Dust Control in Cary

Your contractor should meet with you to help you understand how much dust to expect on the home remodeling project. While they may not promise to eliminate all dust, they should be up front with you so you know what to expect.

2. Isolate the work area.Reduce Dust in Cary

Your home improvement contractor should make every effort to reduce dust’s impact by isolating work areas with temporary walls and plastic sheeting.


3. Pay attention to HVAC.HVAC in Cary

Your construction company should seal vents wherever possible in your heating and cooling systems to make sure they don’t circulate the dust throughout your home.


4. Protect existing home and flooring.Protect Flooring in Cary

Your builder should use runners, fiber board and other surface protection materials to protect your existing home and flooring.


5. Vacuum, don’t sweep.Vacuum Dust in Cary

Although sweeping is sometimes necessary, your home improvement company should vacuum as a primary means of cleaning up dust.


6. Adhere to state and federal regulations.Dust Regulations in Cary

Make sure your residential home improvement adheres to all local, state and federal regulations that pertain to construction area dust. If you home was built before 1978, *Illinois Lead Laws apply and special measures need to take place in order to test for and contain potential lead dust.

7. Capture airborne dust:Air Filtration System in Cary

Use a BuildClean™ system, which has a special HEPA filtration scrubber to reduce airborne dust.


BuildClean’s unique 360° design and dual HEPA air filtration collect dust from every direction and prevent dust from settling where it shouldn’t. The BuildClean™ system also provides other healthy benefits for your family and pets including safeguarding against particles and irritants like crystalline silica and lead, and it protects dust from getting inside sensitive electronics like computers and TVs.


If you are concerned about controlling dust during your next construction project, please call Advance Design Studio, Ltd at 847-836-2600 or visit us at to learn more about the BuildClean™ air purification system 


*Advance Design Studio, Ltd. was one of the first certified lead licensed companies in the state, and has been Lead Licensed since the lead laws became effective. We can offer you current lead testing options available by law, and are certified to handle appropriate demolition and construction measures as required by the state.


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