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New Year’s Resolution: Renovate Your Bathroom

It’s time to finally renovate that bathroom that you have hated for years. Make it your resolution to create a new, elegant, and exciting space. Here are a few ideas to help you get started. Enjoy.

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Bathroom Renovation

by Jamie Gold, CDK CAPS

Bathrooms, especially master baths, can be costly and challenging rooms to design. They touch on your home’s plumbing, electrical and ventilation systems, and often entail adherence to new water- or energy-saving local building codes.

Here are some New Year’s resolutions to consider if you’re planning a master bath redo this year. These timely tips can make your space more water-efficient, safe, comfortable and stylish.

Bathroom Resolution No. 1: I will give myself enough leg room

Separate toilet rooms are highly sought after in new homes, as they add an element of privacy to a shared bath. The problem is, some builders don’t factor in enough room in front of the toilet. You don’t want to have to move your knees to close the door, or bump your feet into another fixture when you sit in your water closet.

Bathroom Resolution No. 2: I will update my floors wisely

There was a time when a polished marble floor in a bathroom was a hot luxury look. In my opinion, they’re a broken hip waiting to happen. Slip-resistant tiles are a much better solution for a floor you often step on with wet feet.

Bathroom Resolution No. 3: I will kick my heavy-metal habit

If you’re updating your bathroom, go frameless. It’s a cleaner, crisper look that lets your shower tile be the star.

Bathroom Resolution No. 4: I will bench myself next season

One of the things you lose when you replace a tub with a stand-alone shower is a place to sit. A shower bench replaces the tub ledge for seated washing or leg shaving. Be sure to design one into your shower plans, even if it’s just a small corner bench.

Bathroom Resolution No. 5: I will take matters into my own hands next year

A hand-shower is a real boon to any shower, but especially for accident-prone sports enthusiasts and seniors. It is best positioned within reach of your shower bench for total accessibility.

Bathroom Resolution No. 6: I’ll give myself enough elbow room

Bathroom storage towers are a great way to add storage to a bathroom, as these do. If, however, you’re cramped for space, skip this option. Use the extra space to put a soap dish or dispenser and have room left over for your contact lens holders.

Bathroom Resolution No. 7: I will start thinking “straight” next year

This isn’t a slam on anyone’s preferences or thought processes! But straight-style linear drains are the best shower innovation to come along in years, and it’s crazy not to consider including one when updating your shower.

They’re available in numerous metal finishes, as shown here, or in tile-ready format (you barely see these at all). In addition to enhancing the style of your shower, they can also improve its safety and add flexibility in drain placement.

Bathroom Resolution No. 8 : I’m getting off the stair master next year

For a number of years, tubs in master suites were treated like royalty and installed on high with regal stairs leading up to them … sometimes marble stairs to enhance the regal effect.

I can’t think of a worse idea for exiting a tub with wet feet. Ditch the stairs in your bathroom remodel in favor of a tub edge where you can sit and swivel. It’s far safer, and better-looking, too.

Bathroom Resolution No. 9: I resolve to be a niche player next year

Niches are ideal ways to increase your bathroom storage. Shower niches probably come to mind first, and I recommend one for each shower use, but also consider the space behind a swinging bathroom door or on an a blank wall for additional storage enhancement.

Bathroom Resolution No. 10: I will use my vent fan every time

If your vent fan is noisy, as so many are, you probably skip using it. This can create an unhealthy mold problem in your bathroom.

Now is the time to renovate your bathroom. We can help you finish one of your New Year’s resolutions. Our talent design team can create the bathroom of your dreams. Contact us today at 847-836-2600 or schedule an appointment to talk with us about that new kitchen or bath project.


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