Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2014

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Settling into your home post-holiday can be a relief after the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season. But as you put away the shimmer and sparkle to settle in with the new fallen snow you may look around and find you are ready to welcome a change to hold you over as you wait for the arrival of spring.

White Tile BathPlanning your post-holiday remodel can be a stress reliever as you dream about how wonderful your home could be with a few renovations that can be done in the early winter months.

Consulting with a design and renovation specialist, such as Advance Design Studio, LTD. can help you realize how easy these makeovers can be achieved during the winter months.

Revive a tired bathroom with a high-efficiency toilet, Jack and Jill sink set up, new windows or lighting. A recent survey found that bathroom projects will often skip a bathtub in favor of a luxurious shower or even separate the toilet into an enclosed space to increase utility. The poll found that having an enclosed toilet was increasingly popular, 48% of those surveyed, and more likely people 35 years and older, will opt for the increase privacy. Younger home-owners are moving towards tankless or wall mounted toilets.

Most projects involve an increased efficiency of the available space with double sinks, spa style shower enclosure and increased light byCharcoal & White Bath adding windows, skylights or new lighting fixtures, to improve the overall look and feel of the room without cutting into the footprint of an adjoining bedroom. The survey finds that only 25% will change the current footprint of the room. Bathroom renovations are a perfect time to increase the efficiency of the room with 91% of the new toilets installed being high efficiency; lighting includes LED options with 7% requesting LED lights in the showerhead.

To achieve a lighter more airy feel to the room, 54% of those surveyed plan shower enclosures that call for frameless glass.

Houzz reports that nearly half of the respondents want to upgrade fixtures, and add features- over a third of the respondents report a want to increase the functionality of the space.

Whether you are looking to meet your changing lifestyle or family needs, wanting to improve organization and storage or increase the overall functionality of your bathroom space, let the professionals at Advance Design Studio, Ltd. help bring your dreams to a reality with innovative solutions, superior craftsmanship and our continued commitment to excellent customer service.

*The numbers are based on answers from 7,645 Houzz users who responded to an online survey in November.





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